Grow Up, Be Young; Die Happy

By @InkyTears

Grow Up, Be Young; Die Happy

By @InkyTears

Just another scene of someone as she decides to use all of her emotions as the abstract of her literature. She's not perfect neither a saint nor a living proof of angels come extinct. She's just her own reflection. And, that satisfies her demons.

Chapter 2

rising below

I am in love with your flaws.

Your vibrant skin

Your smell

Your beauty

And everything I could unconsciously seek inside you

I love you.

Leash my sorrows with your love

How desperate am I to finally see myself grieving from the pain you made me do?

Tie my soul

Break me twice

Love me once

Leave me nothing



I think this is enough.



“Can’t wait for me to be questioned once more.”

I toss my phone at the bed and I roam my eyes with this room that I have.

It’s messy as always.

I dunno. I have this idea that if my room is messy, I can think more and realize things easily.

But, since this house is not mine and I am just a daughter of my mother, I need to fix this before she comes home.

*phone vibrates*

Blah, who bothers reacts of people? [Everybody] No one should be brainwashed with it’s nastiness.

So, it’s approximately 9:19am and all is now magically clean, I grab my phone and put it in my pocket and went to the kitchen only to find my little brother seating at our table.

“Hi sis, what’s up?”

“Just another scene of myself capturing the tree once more. You know how badly I love to take a picture of it when it’s all covered by its silhouette because of the sun.”

“Oh, cool.” he says.

His eyes are all glued up and focused with Pewdiepie.

I rolled my eyes as I see it coming and walks by the fridge seeing nothing but ice cubes on its upper part.

“No food? Seriously?”


As if he’s not hungry.

I got irritated somehow.

I checked the cabinets and all but nothing’s here except utensils.

We’re doomed.

“How come you never told me?”

He paused his video and looks at me and wave his phone indicating he’s busy with it.

“Uh, because I am busy with YouTube?”

“Jerk.” That’s all I’ve said.


So there’s no food…

Why didn’t mom texted me?

I typed in and sent a message to mom so she’ll know we’re starving.

Mom, wru? There’s no food @ d fridge. Nothing’s here.


Now, all I gotta do is wait and be with this jerk.

to be continued…

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