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Grab Your Keys

By @robinson1979

Chapter 5

Is workmanship

good? not really it kinda sucked ive never done a job like that where i had to do all the cabinets so i just left them there with the workers to do them because i didn’t want to do them KC i didn’t want to do them so i hired someone to do them for me ok DG

you should have asked her if she wanted to have someone else do it since it wasn’t going to be included same with all the rest of the stuff since you were not including the things with Ace Restoration you hired out all these other contractors to do things and it ended up costing us more money than it should have so we were out of pocket so we could not finish the job. You should have told her we could not do these certain things and not put a bid on it or not put it in the scope. KC

ok that is probably what i should have done but i dont want to talk about it since she is right there and she can hear everything we say she is right there she can hear everything we say. DG

we are going to have to cut the job early if you keep acting it up like this and doing other ones because we can’t keep this one up we are using the money for this one for other ones KC

that is what we need to do for the other ones to complete them in the meantime until we get the money from this one DG

you should have held on to the money then we could have used it to finish the job but instead you used it for other things like play with friends, skate, hobby, workers that you didn’t need, manhood stuff, food put on a few pounds.

blew it off but i feel sorry for her she is left in a hard place with no place to live but this with no help to put that place back together and no money to do it. It is still in shambles. No one is helping her to fix it and if it is fixed a little bit it is by workers who dont know much about anything volunteer and mess it up, spill paint, break things, she tries stuff doesn’t work. KC

I thought she could do it after we left she does stuff like that. that iss what WR said. She got ****** up D she got ****** up too much so that she can’t fix things D so why dont you calm down. KC

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