Goodreads: A Tale of War

By @coconutseltzer
Goodreads: A Tale of War

Olivia like books. Olivia will read 72 books this year. Maybe not. But probably. Goodreads is an obsession. Goodreads reading challenge is making Olivia anxious. TV shows and sleep are calling to Olivia. Olivia must fight back.

Chapter 1


On January 1st 2018 at 12:01 am, Olivia reached for her stickered computer and after placing it on her lap and reclining in her swivel chair, opened Goodreads. In recent months, Olivia had developed a sometimes unhealthy obsession with this “social catalogging” website, updating it up to seven times a day. But this would be her first January keeping track of her books, which meant it was the first time she could set a reading goal. Having just started the most amazing book series with an incredible author who had over 10 books which Olivia needed to read right away, she was feeling cocky. As she clicked on her profile picture a menu dropped down, and there it was, “Reading Challenge”.

As of September 6th Olivia has read 50 books, with only 22 to go. Yes, 72 books, it’s normal. Unfortunetly, Olivia had planned to read an extra 8 books this past summer which had definetly not happened. So with just under 4 months to go, at 5 ½ books a month, she started getting anxious. As her mother constantly remined her, meeting her personal and changeable reading goal should not be a priority, her school work is. But Olivia had made a commitment, to herself, to Goodreads, and to all the people she had told about it. 72 books. It’s going to happen, she assures herself, I can do it.

But then something happened, The Office. She started rewatching episodes during her homework breaks in late August, and now, on season 8 episode 21 it has taken up all of her reading time. She claims to be taking a break, but when she goes to sleep there is a large chance her eyes will be wide open and focused on her glowing computer screen for at least a couple 20 minute increments.

In coming days, she will fight her inner procrastonating couch potato. When she returns home exhausted and wishes to fall into bed, she will read. When her netflix accuses her of neglect and emails her updates on all the newest shows, she will read. Olivia has gone on the defensive. On January 1st 2019 at 12:01 am she will proadly declare her victory, her 72 books, as she makes her new reading goal. 78 books.

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