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God Left?

By @GigaHertzzz

God Left?

Old man Sif wobbled through the desert-vast, heavenly room as soon as he heard the screeches of a man from a distance.

“How is it possible? No way there’s another,” said Sif with utter confusion.

“I’m hallucinating.”

Ignoring this fact, his journey resumed.

Unbeknownst to him, a bleak-cherry coloured door emerged yards away behind him. By the time he got farther, his skin pricked from exhaustion with hints of nausea blocking his full sight.

“Follow the trail.”

Puzzled by the smouldering voice, Sif roared to the skies,

“Am I speaking to God?!”

The voice chuckled.

“More like an old friend. Tell you what, follow the trail and I’ll tell you, is that a deal?”

Sif nodded.


More of them were heard from where the door was standing, catching his attention. With no other signs of trail to follow, he proceeded to the source. He opened the door only to witness a grotesque scene. In there laid a melting pot which emanated pure suffering throughout the room, accompanied by the deafening cries of a community, scorched in flames.

“Please come in,” the voice said, “I mean, you built this room for me to begin with.”

“What? I’m lost,” Sif said as he entered, “I’ve been trying to remember everything that has happened in the past several years knowing that I’m the only one left in this world and all of a sudden I’m in a room full of the very things I thought I lost?” Infuriated, he continued, “Heck, what’s up with you showing up just now telling me about this and the room?” “God left?” he sighed after a brief pause.

“I was right all along, you’re not yourself,” the voice replied, “I waited hoping that your memories will return.”

“What memories?”

“Nations were destroyed. Wars come and go, but the third one concluded that there was nothing left to fight for. Leaders got murdered trying to reach godhood, along with them -their people. Humans, the very being that gives you your strength, went extinct,” the voice explained. “And as we all know, no humans meant no worships, which led to the rapid decline of your strength and memories.”

With a lump in his throat, Sif’s voice quivered as he asked in disbelief, “I… am God?”

“You were…”

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