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Genie’s Rules

By @Nanashi

Chapter 4

Despite Rhian’s constant attempts to befriend Lucine, still he failed. However, it didn’t surprise Lucine when she walked into the auditorium one day and noticed Rhain sitting by her group of friends.

“Hey, How’re ya doin’?” Rhian asked in his usual, overly casual tone.

“Um, fine I guess,” Lucine responded, trying to hide her blush. I’ts like he knows that I like him and he’s trying to do everything he can to make it obvious.

“We were just talking about the upcoming dance,” Rhian informed her, and she noticed how closely Marella was watching her. “Yeah, Rhian Told me he knew who he was going to ask, but he wouldn’t tell me who it was,” the gossip queen said, narrowing her eyes at Lucine as though it was very obvious who Rhian planned to ask.

Lucine shrugged, trying to seem as casual as Rhian always seemed, but hey mind was actually realing. Who is he asking? They’re so lucky… She thought, trying to keep these thoughts from turning into blush all over her face.

After class, Lucine wasn’t surprised to find Rhian standing next to her, despite the fact that his locker was at practically the other end of the school grounds. He looked slightly more nervous than his usual looks allowed, and she was surprised when he asked, “Will you go to the dance with me?”

I know he’s talking to me, but is he really? What if he’s hallucinating and thinking I’m someone else? Lucine shook her head, knowing she was being ridiculous, so she looked up at Rhian, smiled and said, “Of course!”

She was also surprised when he looked extremely relieved and asked, “Really? You mean it?”

“Of course!” Lucine said smiling. You can’t just use the same two words over and over again, she chastised herself. But I can’t come up with more than that, she argued with herself, then repressed a sigh, wishing it was easier to talk some sense into herself. Then Rhian ran to his next class, and Lucine realized that she would be late too if she didn’t do the same.

A few weeks passed and, despite Marella’s death glares, Lucine was excited for the day that got closer and closer.

Two weeks. One week. Four days. Three days. Two. One. Then it was the day, and Lucine was dying to hurry home to dye the tips of her hair a deep blue with sparkles in it, and put a dress and makeup on to match it.

After an hour or so of nervous jitters, and thoughts to match them, Rhian showed up at Lucine’s house with a nervous smile and a nice tuxedo that seemed a little too tight for his bulging biceps and shoulders.

He walked up to the door of Lucine’s house, and knocked.

Oh no, that’s Rhian. What will I say? How will I act? I can’t let him sit outside for too long, but then how will I know how to act when he comes in? I didn’t have a plan. I should have made a plan.Why didn’t I make a plan? Lucine thought as she tried to wipe the sweat off her hands and hurried to the door. I’m glad I wore waterproof mascara. I don’t want to start crying or get splashed and then look like a raccoon. But what if my mascara isn’t as waterproof as I thought? And then something happens, and then I will look like a raccoon. Oh no, why do I sound so worried?

When Lucine opened the door, she saw Rhian, face slightly flushed, out of nervousness or excitement or just because of how hot he must feel under that suit, she didn’t know. However, she felt her face shade into a slight pink that matched Rhian’s as she invited him in. He sat down on the couch, nervously picking at his thumb, seeming more boyish than Lucine thought possible for a guy his age.

“You look nice,” Rhian said, slightly looking up from his lap, and Lucine felt herself blush more.

“Thanks,” she said, than added, “So do you.”

Lucine was used to being nervous on dates, but never this nervous. She was always confident, always knew what to say. But not this time. This time, she didn’t have a clue, an didn’t know what to do, either. Rhian seemed just as nervous and tongue tied. Eventually, He broke the silence, but not the awkwardness.

“Um, let’s go,” He said, evidently struggling for words.


Lucine enjoyed the dance, messing with her friends and Rhian, but avoiding Marella, who also seemed to be avoiding her. Then, Rhian pulled her to the side.

“Hey, um, I’e got something for you,” He said, pulling out a small black box from his pocket. What’s in it? Some sort of jewelry, obviously, but a necklace, or a bracelet? Lucine wondered as she took the ox from him and opened it. Inside was a beautiful pair of earrings, which looked like the earth’s core had been sealed inside them. Despite the fact that they didn’t match Lucine’s outfit, she put them on to show Rhian how much she liked them. The last thing she saw was his face beaming, then she passed out.

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