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Genie’s Rules

By @Nanashi

Chapter 3

The next day at gym class, everyone had to find a partner for a tournament. Lucine tried to partner with anyone except Rhian, but he seemed to make a beeline for her.

“Hey, I was wondering if you’d want to be partners for this thing?” he said, and she tried to keep from having a heart attack. Why did this boy, the only one she couldn’t talk to, keep on trying to talk to her?

“Umm… Sure?” she said, trying to act cool and failing miserably. They sat on the bleachers together to wait until their turn to play, and while lucine was quite content to sit there quietly, Rhian had other ideas.

“So, can you please explain to me how to play this game?” he said, gesturing to the gym court. “Because this looks nothing like baseball,” he said, mentioning the popular American sports game that Lucine knew only a little bit about.

“You’ll get the gist of it from watching,” she said, then they lapsed back into silence.

When Lucine got back to her house that her family usually stayed at, Rhian was still on her mind from 3rd period. she hoped that her mom would have something to tell her about how to act in a situation like this. When she walked into the house, she saw her mom on the couch watching one of her favorite soap operas.

“Mom?” Lucine said, “Can I have some advice on something?” she asked, and waited for a response.

“If it’s math, go to your father, honey. If it’s anything else, go to your father,” her mother brushed her off, clearly more interested in the show than her daughter, and Lucine sighed. So much for motherly advice, she thought, then went to her room.

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