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Gemma’s Story

By @LilyAfton

the beginning

Gemma (Gemma Rose Kat) was born the youngest of four children, even though she was the ‘baby’ of the family no one payed her any attention to her. when she was two years old her mother died from a miscarriage , her father had never been the picture so Roxanna (the oldest) who was 19 took care of the other three children (Gemma 2, Athena 9, Aki 12)
as Gemma grew she never knew anyone other then Roxanna as her mother. when Gemma was 8 years old (Athena 15, Aki 18) she found Roxanna dead in her bed with a needle in her arm.
even though Aki was old enough to take care of them he didn’t think he would be able to keep them clothed and feed, so he left them at their grandparents house. their grandmother even though she loved them a lot she was never home enough to show it, she was always traveling for work.
but their grandfather was abusive, he would beat Gemma then lock her in the basement, while he would take a special interest in Athena. the day Athena turned 18 she took Gemma and left, even though they were homeless they were much happier then when they were at their grandparent’s. at the age of 12 Gemma was a good student, when she was ‘living’ with her grandfather she rarely made it to class and when she make it she slept thru most of her classes. now though she was making it to most of her classes and doing all her homework.
Athena knew she had to get a job so she and Gemma wouldn’t be homeless anymore.

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