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Forgotten Demise

By @Nashtony

The Greater

Forgotten demise

By: NashTony

Chapter one

There it was, at last, the greater. I stepped forward getting closer to the grey pedestal. The cavern was very dark only illuminated by my Atomic flashlight and the reflection off the water. “The greater took me many years to find,” I said to my girlfriend, Adele. “Wow, I did not think we would find it after you read that small internet post.” I looked at Adele and smirked. “What?” She asked. “Nothing,” I said staring at her beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair. “Ok! Let’s just get it and go, I want to go see my friends by next week.” “Don’t you want to know some interesting facts about it?” I asked her tauntingly. “NO!” she yelled. The sound echoed off the walls into the dark parts of the cavern. “Too bad,” I said smirking. “There are three things you must know about the greater. One, the greater is a superweapon that only humans can use. Two the greater lets any human being use it, endless it has an owner that has not yet died or been killed. And three the greater forms anything of your imagination, as long as…” I was suddenly caught by the rusty smell and sound of something making its way toward us. I put my arm in front of adele and pulled out my sword. I pushed the button and the blue electric light split out and made the frame of a sword. I gave Adele the flashlight. “Get ready,” I said to her. She ducked under my arm and started to hug me. “What is it?” She asked. “I don’t know,” I said. As the thing got closer I started to see lights. The rusty smell got stronger as the thing got close. Finally, it showed its self fully. My heart stopped. Adele screamed “ahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I could barely calculate what happened before Adele let go. There was a sudden crash around the cave. The water started to flow out. I heard another scream but this time it was the monster screaming in delight. I turned around only to get covered by the salty smell of blood all over me. I wiped it off and looked down in complete horror as the remains of Adele got eaten away by the light monster. The monster turned to me. I was not sure if I was more horrified by the face of the monster or Adele dying by a monster. The monster’s face was scary as heck. It was completely black but for the eyes, it had people’s heads hanging from them. There were lights around the monster’s body. I looked closer only to find out they were atomic flashlights. I looked it over once more before backing away slowly. I noticed it had three legs on each side. Then I realized it was a gigantic human-killing spider that likes humans’ heads for jewelry. I turned around and started to run only for a hard object to hit me in the head. I felt blood flow down my head. I raised my sword to see what hit me, only to start screaming. Adeles head had hit me and was laying right next to me with her eyes rolled back and a smile on her face. Before I could even get up the head of adele started to talk “ Hey there cutie.” her head said in the most horrifying electric voice I have ever heard. “ Why don’t you stay here with me and the rest of your friends?” Adele’s head asked

“No, I think I’m good,” I said in a scared voice. “ That’s too bad cause we were just about to play a bit.” her head said. I looked down and suddenly 6 robotic legs got out of the bottom of what was left of her neck. Adeles head got up and her eyes rolled down, instead of her eyes being blue, they were bright red like flames that moved around her eyes. I started to run as fast as I could out of the cave only for a red laser to hit the exit and crumple. I turned around to get pelted down by Adele’s head. It climbs on top of me. “Where are you going? We were just getting started. Adeles head dug one of its mechanical legs in my left shoulder. The head of my beloved Adele looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back only for her head to turn 360 degrees. “Gee you don’t seem too scared,” it said. “ That’s because I have this sword,” I said and stabbed it into Adele’s head. What came out of her head was liquid but in fact, it was not blood. It was a black oily-looking liquid. It hit my armor and disintegrated it. I got up fast, to get away from the head. I did not want to look at the remains of my love. I looked around with the dim light of my sword and saw the greater. The evil spider monster thingy was gone. I looked down where it stood only to find a hole going down. I walked around the hole and stepped up to the pedestal. I looked at the greater and asked was it worth it to lose my love to get here. I decided it was not, but graved it anyways. Right as I graved it the ground shook. The gigantic human-killing spider was back. It looked around and saw me. It jumped up and landed on the ground. I was lifted up into the air and was hit by something hard and lost my grip on my sword. I landed on the ground out of breath. I looked up to see my grand reaper above me. The spider was smiling as if it was enjoying the fight that only took a few minutes. “As I said, we were only getting started.” It said in a screeching voice. It stabbed one of its legs into my left arm. I yelled out in pain. That’s when I started to feel the smell of salt and what I thought was blood around me. This was it I thought, this is where I die and get possessed, I thought. That’s when what I thought was blood went up higher. I closed my eyes to wait for my death. Before I go out all I want to do is smell the salt and rust and feel the blood all around me. A weird way to die I thought but what the hell. I grasped the greater tightly. “Don’t close your eyes, little human, it’s not time for hide and seek.” The spider said, “ I was thinking we could play… schreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech” That’s when some sort of liquid rolled over me and everything fell apart.

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