Forbidden Women: Journey to the beginning

By @Loony_Mellark
Forbidden Women: Journey to the beginning

5 seemingly normal girls find out they are not normal and they must deal with the abilities they have been given against there will. The discovery begins and ends, follow the girls through the journey to the beginning. Ember, fire, Ara, water, Amora, feelings, Glimmer, light, and Gloom darkness.

Chapter 1


As Ember walked out of class on Friday, she was excited, a three-day weekend, the prom and a girl’s day out were all waiting for her outside of the high school door, well until prom it was. Suddenly, Ember’s least favorite person, Amora Valentine strode up to her.

“Ember Louise Hale you have officially already ruined my weekend!” Ember rolled her eyes then answered mockingly,

“‘Omg, you officially already ruined my weekend,’ Seriously Amora, that doesn’t even make sense, the only way I could’ve ruined your weekend would be by being a part of it.” It looked like Amora rolled her eyes, but Ember wasn’t sure.

“Ember, you are apparently taking my boyfriend, Gray to the prom, and all my friends are going to your party! Ember why can’t you just go to your weird friend’s house for the weekend so I can have some fun.” Ember looked at Amora coldly,

“Gray and I have been dating for 2 years, any of your attempts to win him over are useless and your quote on quote friends only like you for your money, which I have no idea how you get because your Mom left you, on the other hand my friends like me for me. Lastly, Ara is not weird, she is my best friend and what you say to me about her, I tell her, and she tells her older brother, and I don’t think you want that.”

Amora smirked and said, “I’m not afraid of her lousy brother.” She glanced behind Ember than added, “Ember when you get your letter soon, I really hope you don’t tell anyone, ever.” Amora quickly walked away.

Ember had no idea what Amora was blabbing about, but she would just ignore it she turned around seeing Ara standing there.

“That was cruel Ember, about her mom you probably struck a nerve and she was probably fighting tears.” Ara said this seriously, hoping Ember would be serious too.

“She struck my nerve no one insults you in front of me without hearing about it and nobody will ever suggest Gray is with anybody but me.”

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  1. Hermione_Watson_

    I can’t wait to read more!! And I noticed that Glimmer is such genius name (Hunger Games style)

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