Focus. Hot water. (2015)

By @LectroNyx

Focus. Hot water. (2015)

By @LectroNyx

A poem about meditating in a hot shower. Written in 2015

Chapter 1

I stand still. Alone. Allowing

A heavy pour of streaming water to

Engulf me.

I breathe slowly

And taste the humid air,

Enjoying every moment.

In my comfort I mutter, “It will

All be okay.

Enough worrying.

I’m too strong for that.”

And with this knowledge, the next turn in life,

Even with its snarling, baring fangs,

Is nothing compared to my bright future.

An evil, growling beast

Excited to destroy me

Is destroyed

And replaced with a new world of opportunities hiding around

Every twist and turn.

I’ve become my own hero

And I can conquer my fear –

Even when it towers above me.

I find comfort in this,

And even though

Each of my problems will return when

I leave this rainy room

All my troubles might as well have never

Even bothered to exist.

I can only hope you understand –

As if it’s that unusual!

Even my biggest troubles

I struggle to put aside

Are washed away.

Even if I seem weak,

In this warm downpour

Absolutely nothing can trouble me.

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