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FNAF Fanfiction (Based on my fantheories) [Incomplete]

By @DoodleCat1038

Chapter Five

What woke them both up was a knock on the door. Elizabeth, wearing a big smile, immediately got out of bed and rushed to her door. Chris slowly got up with a yawn before following. Elizabeth opened the door, and their father stood in the doorway in his purple security guard uniform. “Happy birthday, Elizabeth.” He said, a slight smile on his face. “Daddy! Daddy! You’re here!” Elizabeth cried happily. “Yes, now come, I believe I have something you would want to see, yes?” Their father asked. Elizabeth nodded eagerly. The robot! I’m gonna see it!

He looked confusingly at Chris for a second, as for why Chris was in his sister’s room, before leaving. “Daddy! Can Chris see it too?” Elizabeth called, taking Chris’s hand and rushing after their father. “N-no, it’s okay.” Chris said. “But, what about Mike?” Elizabeth whispered to him. “I’ll be fine.” He responded. Elizabeth let go of his hand as they met their father at the front door. 

“He can come if he wants.” Their father said. “It’s okay. I’ll stay here.” Chris said. Their father shrugged, and left the house and made his way to his dark purple car, Elizabeth close behind. Chris watched from a window. 

Daddy looks happier today. Elizabeth observed as she fastened her seatbelt. Surely Chris noticed it too. As they drove away, Elizabeth glanced at the window, in which Chris gave a smile and waved. She waved back. Of course. He wants to let me see daddy like this. That’s why he stayed. He didn’t want to get in the way. He’s too nice. Elizabeth sighed. 

When they got there, Elizabeth didn’t know exactly where “There.” was. There was a huge pizzeria in front of them. A big sign above it said “Chica’s Party World.” It had a picture of a white-and-pink animatronic chicken and white-and-orange fox. “Where are we?” Elizabeth asked, eyes shining with excitement. “This is a place I made. Those two on the sign are called Chica and Lolbit.” Her father answered. “Which one is mine?” She said. “Neither.” Her father answered simply as he opened his door to get out. Elizabeth opened hers too, and stepped out of the car. 

They approached the glass door to the restaurant, and her father opened it. Once it opened, they were greeted by the sounds of screaming and laughs of children and the murmur of adults. They entered a wide room, a big black stage was near the back where two animatronics, the ones from the sign, performed to entertain the children who ran around.

Chica, the white chicken, had orange legs as well as an orange waist. She had a built-in speaker on her belly and had five fingers instead of four fingers that the animatronics had at Fredbear’s Family Diner, another place her father worked. Chica had 8 faceplates that seemed able to open. The tips of her fingers were orange and she had pink cheeks and eyebrows. Chica also had purple eyes with long eyelashes and pink lipstick on her beak. She held a cupcake that had long needle-like teeth, blue eyes, and a candlestick with purple and white stripes.

Lolbit, the fox, had no visible eyeballs nor eyelids, but instead had

white pupils floating where its eyes should’ve been. It was mostly white like Chica. Its muzzle and inner ears were orange. It also had purple cheeks, lipstick, whisker spots, and bow tie. Unlike the thing that was in the garage, it didn’t appear to have an endoskeleton. It didn’t have eyebrows either.

The adults sat at the tables set in various places talking about whatever adults talk about. As Elizabeth and her father passed by a group of three adults at a table, she overheard them talking. 

“They call this a kid-friendly restaurant? Have you seen the fox robot?”

“Yeah that thing is pretty scary. It’s teeth are dangerously sharp.”

“What if it hurt someone? Honestly, I’m questioning the design choices of what idiot made these. I mean, just look at the chicken. Is that really kid-appropriate?”

That’s it. Elizabeth thought angrily. “Hey!” She turned around to face them. “If you have something to say to my daddy then tell him yourself!” She snapped, eyes narrowed and arms crossed. They looked up at her, surprised. “Elizabeth,” Her father appeared behind her, putting a hand on her shoulder. “If you have complaints, keep them to yourself please.” He said to the group before grabbing Elizabeth’s hand and leading her away.

“Why didn’t you get mad?” Elizabeth asked as they approached a different, smaller room, with no door. Her father sighed, stopping outside of the room. “People say things about the company…the animatronics…me…But it really doesn’t matter.” He answered.

 “Daddy, why didn’t you tell me you had another job?” Elizabeth asked. He didn’t answer. “Daddy?” She said. “She’s in there, okay?” Her father motioned to the room. 

They entered, and Elizabeth gasped. A beautiful animatronic stood in the back of the room. As some kids ran in and out of the room, Elizabeth noticed that most were afraid of the animatronic, and kept their distance. 

The animatronic was made to look like a clown of sorts. She had auburn hair in high pigtails on either side of her head, held in place by blue bands. She had bright blue eyes, blue eyelashes, and blue eyebrows. Her mouth was opened in a wide smile, revealing small, endoskeleton teeth. Her cheeks were round and red and her small squarish nose was red too. Her stomach showed, revealing a metal fan surrounded by a round orange triangle covering it. Her limbs had silver areas in rectangular shapes, and her hands had red palms. The tips of her fingers had holes in them for making balloons and her knees had round and shiny, silver caps. She had frills on her shoulders, and a matching red skirt. The toes of her matching red shoes were pointed and curled up and topped off with shiny gold orbs, like worn by a jester. She held an orange microphone with red areas in her left hand. Her body was made of animatronic plates, like her face.

“S-she’s beautiful!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “I’m glad you like it.” Her father said. Elizabeth looked up at him. “‘It?’” She asked. “Yes, it. It’s name is Circus Baby.” Her father answered. Before she could say more he said, “Why don’t you go play with the other children?” 

“But daddy, aren’t you going to show me what Circus Baby can do?” Elizabeth asked. “No. She can’t do anything really. Go look at Music Man, I’m sure he can do lots of things.” He replied, glancing over his shoulder and to the room they came from. “But daddy, I want to play with Circus Baby.” Elizabeth protested. A few kids ran past them. “Elizabeth, you can’t play with her right now.” Her father said.

“Daddy, why won’t you let me play with her?”

“She’s not a toy.”


“No. No more asking.”

And with that, he quickly left the room, glancing behind him to make sure she would leave too. Sighing, Elizabeth left the room and watched from a window. A group of four kids ran into the room, and went over to Circus Baby. They hugged her and talked to her and played. He lets them play with her. Why not me?

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