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Flowing Mirror

By @Iscariot


This is what it has become,

A pit of memories and embarrassment,

How can you be so cruel?

To allow me to play the fool,

This was no fleeting passion,

No easy fling,

This was strong fires, 

That would burn ever higher,

But you cut me out,

Without a single glance behind,

Broke your promises,

Without even a word,

Without a moment’s hesitation,

For the one that you hurt,

You forced it upon me,

That harlequin mask,

Smiling in denial, I refused to see,

That writing on the wall;

Perhaps it was clear,

To everyone but me,

You left me to cry,

And succumb to myself,

Allowed me to die,

Without a farewell,

But alas, my chest tightens still,

When I think of you, and all you were;

What you meant to me, 

When my eyes were sparkling,

And my heart was clear,

When my world was newer still,

I cannot seem to bring myself

to hate you,

Because I loved you.

And I fear I forever will.

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