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Florida Key

By @Jolynn080700


Florida Key

Opening the car door

Slipping into a tase of heaven

Salty air

Breeze hits my bare body leaving everybit of me in a trance

Sunbaking the grains underneath my toes

Feet soak beneath

Sand, warmth

It’s everywhere

Kicking it up in the air

I get one step closer

Following the breeze into the sea

Blue reflective waves, white breakage

Sweeps over the sand

Scurrying, Breathing

engulfing all in it’s path

The tide is low

Children playing

The sun is blazing

Shoulders burning

Warming from the inside out

Baking me

With hats and pails

Grandpa begins to look for snails,

Starfish, urchins, and shells,

Hidden inside pools left by the tide.

With the sifter we were unstoppable

Finding so many treasures

Filling our buckets

Sweat tastes salty

The buoy calls US

We swim deep into the ocean

Each stroke we stroke

Each breath we breathe

Each gulp we gulpe

Brings harmony

Body with ocean

Theres life that lives under the underneath

My hair kinks with the waves

Salt keeps me afloat

I plunge

The fish look at me

Their see through scales

Black stripe backs

Fins wave as if I were part of their class

Together we swim

Farther, farther

Closer, closer

We make it to the buoy

Clenching tight to catch our breaths

Eyes play tricks, how far are we?

A faint whistle is blown

Buoys are not to be touched

Too deep, Too dangerous.

The ocean begins to roar

Waves push us faster than anticipated

Grandpa needs rest

She wanted us out, but it’s now perfect time to ride

****** board pressed to my chest

My heart beats simultaneously,

As I wait for the perfect split.

Jumping onto the wave

she brings me in

I go again, and again.

Running through the sand

It’s everywhere

In my ears,

In my hair

Joyful am I.

The sun is tired

Like my body from all the play

Kissing the horizon

Streaks of warm colors

Send me a chill

Its beautiful


Its time

We pack our pail full of lovely ocean treasures

Opening the car door

Closing the doors to heaven.

Not forever

I’ll be back another day.

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