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By @BL-Copperman

The (5)

Jackson’s Perspective.

The rest of the people say their names as well. Surprisingly, I know a bunch of them from my first two years in high school, before everyone got cut off. 

There’s Liza Freiman, Mary’s cousin. They look quite similar, just like the old times. They both sport black twintails, however, Liza has a light mocha skin color and is wearing a short yellow dress, unlike Mary.

Then there’s Sabrina Martínez, I remember her being a quiet kid in class, and never really speaking up to say her mind. She has two cinnamon brown braids that trail down the back of her bleached denim jacket, and if I remember correctly, she doesn’t look very different from when I last saw her.

I also recall Elaina Andino from my tenth grade year. She’s a talkative, motherly kind of person. There’s also Alex García, a mysterious and somewhat moody kid that was in my Language Arts class in both ninth and tenth grade.

I also see one more new face. Her name is Jordyn, but she tells us to call her Jo. She has long, auburn hair that she hides under a large, leather steampunk hat. She’s got on a plaid jacket that covers up her tanned skin, and gives off a ‘country girl meets high-tech engineer’ vibe, which turns out to be an explosive combination.

After everyone has met each other and chatted for a while, we head into the kitchen to grab some food. There’s two cardboard boxes of cheese pizza and a bowl of chips. We line up and grab a slice or two each. I notice Liza and Marley tossing a salad at the other counter, and I suddenly remember how they’d always stand in a separate line in the cafeteria, and now I can infer that they’re vegetarian, or vegan.

Most of the group sits down at a long, wooden table in between the living room and the kitchen, but a few of us have to sit on the countertops because there isn’t enough room. We make a bit of small conversation, before cleaning up and settling down for a movie.

“What do you guys want to watch?” Mary calls from where she sits in front of her small, vintage TV, fiddling with the antennae.

“I’m down for anything.” Dan calls out.

“Ditto,” Jojo adds.

“Not helpful, guys,” Mary groans, turning around to face us.

“Horror or crime are my favorite genres.” Charlie pipes, then burrows his head in the clutch of a decorative pillow.

“Wait, you’re a horror guy?” Mary asks in shock, and I have to say I didn’t believe it either. Charlie, the shy and quiet kid that always seemed to be scared, a horror movie enthusiast?

I shake my head. “I’m good with horror or crime. Anything action.”

A few people nod their heads in agreement. Lukey curls up into a ball and flops over so that his side is pressed into the couch.

“You okay?” I nudge him, but he doesn’t move.

“No horror,” he whispers, and he has such resemblance to a frightened puppy dog that I let out a chuckle. Seeing that he still remains scared, I ruffle his hair and announce, “Okay, no horror, we can’t have Lukey’s parents murdering us for scaring him to death. And I, for one, don’t want to pay for a funeral casket.”

“Then, does a crime show sound good to everyone?” Mary urged, seemingly wanting to get the movie started.

There is a chorus of out-of-sync yeah’s and after a minute or two, we’re starting up a crime movie marathon.

Around an hour in, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom, needing to stretch my legs. Once I reach the room, I close the door and pace for a few minutes before leaving. 

And not a minute later, the lights flicker out, swallowing us in darkness.


Who knew? The small child- a horror movie enthusiast. Thank you for reading! This is the end of “The” and the next upload will be “Past” part one! Who do YOU think is the most likely to commit a crime at the moment? Let me know!

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