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By @BL-Copperman

Past (4)

Lukey’s Perspective

His head jerks upwards from where he sits at the foot of the couch, and looks at me with scared, large eyes. “Y-yeah?”

I gesture towards the closet. “Can we talk? It’ll only be for a moment.”

He turns his head for a moment, as if looking for a way out, before turning back to me. “Sure.”

We both stand up and walk until we reach the silver doorknob. I twist it and pull the creaky door open, letting him walk in first. I ease it shut and crouch to the floor, looking him dead in the eye. “I need to know what you were doing when the lights went out last night.”

His eyes flash wide, and he quickly scoots to the other side of the cramped room. “W-wait… you think that I-I’m the killer?!”

“Look, I just need to get the facts straight so I can know where you stand. You were on the couch next to Annie and Dan when the lights went out. We don’t hear from you for many seconds, until we hear the thud of what I assume was Liza’s body hitting the floor. 

“Even then, you were pretty quiet, and my senses were disoriented, so I couldn’t tell if you’d been talking next to Annie, or rather, over Liza’s body. You have your brother and girlfriend to defend you, so there’d be no way you’d be suspected, and if my theory is correct, you’d be henceforth, able to get away with murder.”

I pause to let this all soak in. Charlie fidgets with the hem of his jacket, and I take note of that action. Common thing that happens with bad liars.

“I would n-never kill Liza.” he stutters. “Her and I may not have had a great history together, but we were getting along fine this year, and I wouldn-”

I lean forward, suddenly realizing I’ve trapped myself in a room with a possible murderer. “You and Liza have a history?” I prompt. “I’ve never heard that before.”

Charlie lets out a nervous chuckle. “You don’t know everything, Lukey. You were cut off like everyone else, don’t act above that.”

What happened between you and Liza?” I growl, not wanting the subject to push any further.

“Fine, you really want to know then.” He crossed his legs and slouched. “She’s a two-face. A backstabbing liar. That’s it. I thought she’d changed, but obviously not, if someone had the intent to murder her.”

“I mean, that was what got her involved in the inci-”

“You don’t know when to stop talking, do you Detective Lukey?” Charlie barked. This was a side I’d never seen from him. He’d always been shy, nice. But I suppose when your life is on the line, it brings out a new side in you. “First you don’t want to talk about ‘the incident’, and now you do? And that has me thinking. You and Jackson are suddenly rather close again, aren’t you? Did you decide to ‘forgive and forget’ or was it all-”

I’ve heard enough.” I fold my hands together and stand up. “You never proved your innocence, by the way.”

His face pales, and he’s back to his stuttering old self. “W-wait, Lukey, I’m so s-sorry I… please don’t vote me as murderer, I didn’t mean it-”

I turn my head and close the closet door, leaving Charlie inside. I hate what I’ve done, but I think it’s for the best. “Everyone, to the living room. I have my announcement to make, and then votes will be cast.”

A/N: slowly coming out of Writer’s Block, hello again! I’m sorry Charlie, forgive me– Any clue on “the incident”? There’s some tensions brewing, I’ll tell you that.

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