Fire Love

By @Books_and_Secrets
Fire Love

Ella and Shaun two teens with incredible powers.

Chapter 11


I woke up late the next morning, but I was still so happy from the other night I didn’t care. I started singing one of the songs from last night. I jumped around the room like a five year old on Christmas day. I got ready and knocked on his door.

He opened the door slowly. He still had the same shirt and pants from last night on. Also, he looked really exhausted. I stopped jumping and started to worry.

“ Are you okay?” I said with concern.

“ Yeah, just had a restless night. I guess?” he said trying to smile.

“ Okay. You better get ready we have all of Hollywood to search.” I said.

He closed the door. I got my bag ready. Then went out the door carefully walking to the van.  

After a half of an hour he finally came out and we were off on our mission once again.    

Days passed then weeks. We didn’t find him, every day the same as the day we first started looking. The nights we hung out at the club. Me and Shaun grew closer, being with each other in the van. I told him about my life and he told me a little about his life on the streets. Our lives were different but also sort of the same. We both are trapped in lives made by someone else.

Our lives have changed many times and about to change again.

We have been in Hollywood for almost a month. Not a hint of where the teen could be. 

As we searched a poorer area. I thought that this is the sort of place Shaun grew up in, unlike me. I had fairly rich parents and lived in a nice house. I sometimes wonder why I ran away then I remember how my parents reacted to a bad grade in school. What would they do when they found out I can start fires? They would send me to the padded room and I would never see sunlight again. Almost like the building that we just came from. I don’t want to go back to the dark and I hate having other people ruling my life. I’m going to get away and I don’t care if Shaun comes or not.

“ Hey, Shaun. Have you ever thought of running away?” I asked.

“ Yeah. But I was never old enough to actually try. I have been thinking about it ever since they brought me in. But I gave up hope of escaping on my 15th birthday. And I started thinking and hoping when you came.” Said Shaun talking fast.

“ Why don’t we run away they wouldn’t go after us if they know what we can do besides they wouldn’t know if we went in the middle of the mission, right?” I said with a mischievous grin. 

“ Right. But not today how about tomorrow? We will drive all the way to Canada, they can’t get us if we’re over the line. Okay?” said Shaun.

“ Sounds like a plan.” I said smiling.

The daylight hours pass quickly and soon we are going to the club. We walk in and see that the place is not as full as other nights. We start dancing to the beat and having fun. For a few hours, we danced then fog comes out of the vents in the club. The people start falling to the ground and my head feels heavy. I fall onto Shaun and everyone is on the ground. Then everything goes black.

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