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By @veedacity


Fire, so destructive and yet so tame; an entity without a name. It burns as love, as hate, as passion. We believe it to burn within our wild eyes and brave hearts.

The fire crackles, and we lower our defenses. The fire jumps, and we fear we may lose our control. The fire is warm and the fire is sacred, telling a story with its body and saving us from the cold.

As much as we know about fire, we have never been able to know fire itself. When it is in our grasp, we burn. In a fire pit, it jumps and dances, seemingly for us, but it does so for itself. It jumps and hisses with destruction, or it burns and dances with warmth.

Fire is associated with love, hate, and passion—it amazes our species, whoever we may be. It is so many things, and yet it is just a chemical reaction—just like love, hate, and passion.

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