Finding Us

By @thenotsonerdnerd
Finding Us

Kaleb King is not your typical teenager. Can he face all his fears, endure all the bullying and show everyone his true form? Can he find someone who accepts him for who he is? Hailey Williams is not your typical nerd.Can she finally come out of her shell and pursue her dreams openly?Can she reveal herself on her profile to her many followers?Can she find someone who accepts her for who she is? Updates every other freaking day!!Or more accurately , Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays!!

Chapter 1

A New Start(Kaleb)

During all the sixteen years of my life, I never thought that Kaleb King was a scaredy-cat . But, like always, I proved myself wrong.

Right now I am sitting in my mom’s car with my head on my knees, wheezing due to my nerves. I can’t look outside because I know that the house standing on the other side is gonna be my home, whether I like it or not. Millions of what-ifs run through my head…it’s chaos in there.

What if I don’t like the house?What if my neighbours are scary?What if I don’t get a job here?What if I get bullied again like my last school?What if-

“Sweetie , I know you are scared but you have to take that first step to see where it goes, isn’t it? Now take a few deep breaths and slowly get out of the car…it’s alright to take your time ,Kaleb. Just remember that whatever happens, I will always be there by your side and I will always love you for who you are , okay?”,my mom said.

My mom , Grace King , is the best mom in the whole world.She just knows what to say to make me calm again. I love her.And I never hesitate to tell her so. No one should.

“Aww thanks mom, love you !! So here I come!!”,I said.

I shook off my nerves and put one foot out of my car and saw my house for the first time.

I admit, to anyone else’s eyes , it might not be much.I mean , it was just a simple two-story cottage-like house with a beautiful green courtyard.But it was love at first sight.

Well , not exactly first sight because the sun was high up in the sky so it was hard to see it clearly the first time…so I guess love at clear sight?Or maybe love at third sight?Man, I zone out too **** much.

After I came back on earth, I started clapping excitedly and then ran off to my car to help mom with our luggage.Actually, my mom had already been to this house once before to set all the furniture up with my dad . I only had to move my stuff into my room.

So I was done in just two hours. Then suddenly when I was coming out of my room, I heard a very strange sound coming from somewhere near me.I started panicking instantly.

What if this house was haunted? What if there is a ghost of the previous owner who got murdered? what if-

Wait a minute , that sound came from somewhere too close to me…Could it be?…No way!!

I started laughing loudly.

“Mom! I am so hungry that my stomach has started groaning!!”

Author’s Note

Hello dear nerd I am a readers.

(OMG why am I so bad at talking even when I am not actually talking!!!)

So…lemme start again.Hello dear readers I am a nerd.

I hope you like this story I have started writing.Also, I will give to you Kaleb’s favourite colour : Rose Pink.I want you all to know all the characters like our best friends so at the end of every chapter I am gonna tell you one little preference of one of them.

BTW,Kaleb is SUCH a cinnamon roll…I know that you will enjoy prying into his inner thoughts but don’t tell him coz he might start having a panic attack.

It will be our little secret.;)


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