Final Poem

By @Marcus_LOya

Chapter 1

It was a cold February Evening that time of the year

It is my birthday at red lobster

I’m looking fresh dressed like a mobster

my father walks in present in hand walking like a baller

I intrigued on what I might get so I open it right away

This present was so awesome I was in awe

Once I saw the blue and the Gameboy color logo my eyes were amazed on what I saw

My relatives got me games so I couldn’t wait to get home

As soon as I got popped in Emerald and was ready to go

One single moment has changed my life like a blanket for comfort

A home away from home happiness in one single device

Some see it as a waste of time i see it as meditation

Cause when Parents, Teachers, Homework, And stress are in the way

I seek the comfort where i can free my mind

this single moment is now a tool which has developed

i will never forget how happy i felt the blue plastic the new tech smell those colorful animations not replaceable

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