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Too much to ask

By @FutureAuthor64

Too much to ask

Is it really too much to ask,

That I have your respect,

That you know me by name,

That you include me in conversations,

That you laugh at my jokes,

That you pass me the ball,

That you pay me the same,

That you love me the same,

That you treat me the same,

That you don’t think I’m weak,

That you don’t exclude me,

That you don’t barge into me,

That you don’t control my life,

That you don’t make offensive jokes,

That you don’t blame me for your mistakes,

That you don’t manipulate me,

That you don’t judge me for my looks,

That you don’t take advantage of me,

That you see things from my perspective,

That you challenge gender stereotypes,

That you thank me for my help,

That you recognise your own weaknesses,

That you get rid of toxic masculinity,

That you call yourself a feminist,

And give women the respect they deserve.

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