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Faults in Deception

By @alectheweirdo06

Chapter One

I lay awake in my room, looking over to the candle clock next to me. An hour has passed since I last looked at it. I groaned softly, annoyed I could not fall back asleep. I decide to sit up, yawning a bit. I arise from my bed, shaking off the lingering sleepiness. I walk to the front of the bed. I slowly open the lid of my chest, digging through the number of clothes I have. I decided to wear an olive green turtleneck and a pair of black tights. 

I hear my name called from the kitchen. I exit my room, leaving to go to the kitchen. I see my mother’s face. “Hello Dear, I have a mission for you.” I ponder over the idea of who it could be. “Evanna Waterfalls, age 16, sex male, she is a demi-girl, they are white, she is a half-elf half-fairy, and she is around 4’6-5’0 feet tall.” My eyes widen when I hear that she is sixteen. “Your mission is to assassinate Evanna.” she finishes. Out of shock, I questioned her. “Why?” Mother looks at me, clearly furious. “You do not need to know why to do what I tell you!” I nod to her. “By the end of the day, you need to have your belongings packed.” Mother says quietly. I nod again. I quietly ask, “Where do they live?” Mother looks at me and smiles, “Good, she lives in the Kingdom of Fairies, Asnua.” I nodded and left the room. I walk through the hall to the bedroom. 

I think back to when I met my mother. I was cold and hungry. My parents had left me alone, with nothing to eat for the past three days. I was on the cold, hard floor. Crying, I could barely hear the door open. When I opened my eyes, I saw a lady. She had black hair, red horns, black eyes, and a tail. Frightened, I jumped back, running into the wall behind me. She smiled softly at me, “Hello, allow me to introduce myself. I am Daeva Keres , I am a demon. Do not worry, I am nice.” I stare at her, “Do you know what happened to my parents?” I ask in a small voice. The lady nods her head, “I am sorry, sweetie. Would you like to come with me?” I nod. 

My mind goes back to the present, sighing heavily at the memories. I was only four at the time. If only I had known that I would be an assassin. I remember I have to pack up my things by the end of the day. Rushing around my room, I find my sheath knife on my desk. I grasp it and place it on my bed for the time being. I found my purse beside my chest. I grab the bag and set my knife into the bag. Going back to the chest, I open the lid and grab as many clothes my bag would fit. Placing the clothes in my bag, I checked everything fit. I lay my purse on the bed. Mentally deciding whether or not I should get something to eat, letting my hunger win, I exit the room. I walk through the hallway, stopping before I enter the kitchen. I glance at my mother we make eye contact. I step into the kitchen feeling anxious.

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