By @Mars_Andrew1

Normally you would give up on a love that seemed hopeless, painful even. But we can be irrational and end up loving endlessly regardless of what happens, and sometimes it pays off, one way or another.

Chapter 1

Part 1: Promise

He sits at the chair beside her bed like always. The constant beeping of the monitor filling the silence, along with her steady breathing. He opens the book he brought with him, and starts reading. 

“Every time I wake up, I see you reading a book.” He heard her say. Looking up, he smiles at her, amused. 

“Reading makes time non existent.” He tells her. 

“Then in that regard you could be in that moment forever, wouldn’t it” She says, sitting up on the hospital bed. 

“Perhaps.” He closes the book and faces her. “How are you today?”

“Better than yesterday, but not better than when I got here.” She says honestly, knowing that lying to him would be useless, because he would always know. He smiles nonetheless, and takes her hand in his, holding it firmly and gently at the same time, as if he was afraid if he held too firm she would break and if too gentle she would suddenly disappear. “You smile a lot more now.” She states, remembering when they first met in the corridor after he got the news of how his dad and brother were in an accident, thankfully they are alive and well. 

“That’s because you got sadder when you weren’t allowed to walk around anymore.” He says smiling. “It would be foolish to meet sadness with more sadness, no?” 

“Very poetic of you.” She smiles at him. 

They sit in silence with their gaze connecting and never leaving the other. Her getting lost in his chocolate brown eyes and him getting lost in her honey colored ones. “Ask me the question again.” He lightly orders, and she shakes her head in amusement.

“No, no matter how many times I hear it, I never seem to not blush at all.”

“Please.” He pleads, smiling though, knowing she would give in. She sighs and nods and he waits as she takes a deep breath. 

“Why do you love me?”

His smile widens, “I do not love you, I need you, I yearn for you. My day is not complete without you at all. I could have the best day of my life, but if I did not see you on that day it would still feel empty. You are the best thing I never knew I needed, and the words I love you are just not enough to tell you how much you mean to me. Please, be my forever.”

Her cheeks pink slightly after his words. “Now you ask me.” She orders him, her voice soft, shy even but he hears her nonetheless. 

“Why do you love me?”

She grips his hand harder and pulls him towards her, making him sit on the bed, near her legs. “I do not love you, I live for you. You were the light in my ever darkening world. My days were lifeless and pale until you came along. My unexpected gift, the one who smiles only at me yet frowns at everybody else.” He chuckles at the last part, amused. “And I love you is just not enough, so please, be my forever.”

He caresses her cheek and she leans into his touch, her hand behind his. A stray tear leaves her eyes and he wipes it way with his thumb. “Till the next life.” He whispers.

“Till the next life”She whispers back, before he gently kisses her. 

Their promise to each other sealed by non other than a kiss. 

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