Farm Girl

By @Lime_Lemons
Farm Girl

Description: Scarlett is 15. She has golden blonde hair and blue eyes. She is a very happy, encouraging person and she loves everyone around her. She is a Christian and she has a Christian family. She finds romance and undergoes hardships as she matures into a woman.

Chapter 1

Family Farm

I wake up early just as the sun starts to rise. It’s about 5:30 a.m. the time I wake up nearly every morning. I stretch my arms as I sit up in bed. Sleepily I lift up the corner of my lovely quilt, that my Grandmother knitted for me years ago, and get out of bed. It’s Summer time, but the nights are usually fairly cool, and I’m very attached to the blanket ever since she died so I always sleep with it.

I walk slowly to my bedroom window and open it up all the way. A cool breeze immediately brushes my face. I hear the gorgeous songs all the birds are singing and I realize how blessed I am in everything. I can see the corn and wheat fields in the distance, and the apple orchard beside them.

I live on a rather large farm. My family owns 30 cows, 200 chickens, and 12 sheep. We also have the crops which include: corn and wheat, and apples in the fall. My mother often has a wonderful garden as well. She generally grows beans, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, and watermelons. The food mother grows is just for our own family but we sell most of everything else.

I walk over to my dresser and grab the hair brush that’s laying on top of it. I brush my hair out and put it into braids. I put on a plain gray t-shirt and some jean shorts. It’s my job every morning, during the summer to collect the eggs, milk the cows, and feed all the animals, including our dog, Tarte and my little kitten, Rose. There’s no point in being fancy while I do that work.

I’m definitely a farm girl at heart. I love spending time with the animals and I usually enjoy helping out my family. My sister, Violet on the other hand doesn’t really like any kind of work. She’s four years younger then me. She has light blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Her goal in life is to marry someone rich and live in the city. The complete opposite of me. My parents both love farm life too so I don’t who she inherited that attitude from.

I sit down at my desk that I got for my birthday last month. I grab my Bible and read in Luke. It’s my favourite book of the Bible. Everyone in my family is a Christian, and even when we get busy we always try to make an effort to read our Bibles everyday.

I put my Bible down and say a short prayer asking God to the bless this new day and take care of my family and friends. After I’m finished I head downstairs. I’ve had my own bedroom ever since my older brother Mase left for college last September, so I don’t have to worry about being really quiet.

When I walk into the kitchen it’s around 6:00 a.m., and my mother is already there preparing a tasty breakfast. Today it’s pancakes.

“Did you sleep well last night, Scarlett?” Mother asks me as I take my seat at the table.

“Yes, great,” I say chipperly. “Mother, will we be going to the library today?” I ask hopefully. I love reading books. There are so many amazing advertures, romances, and fantasy to be found in those pages.

“Yes, I think so. Your father had wanted to buy a new clock in town today so we should be able to go,” she responds while flipping another pancake.

Father is a very hard working man. He gets up even earlier then me or Mother. He usually works on fixing the tractor, or gets started on tending the crops somewhat before he comes in for breakfast. In contrast Violet usually sleeps until at least 7:30.

Soon breakfast is ready, Father comes in, and the three of us eat together. My parents let Violet sleep later because she’s younger. I’m fifteen now so I have more responsibilities.

We still have a little maple syrup left from last fall, and I put the last drops on my pancakes. We have maple trees that grow on our farm so we always make syrup in the fall. My father and I love it, but Mother and Violet don’t really like it.

“The weather has been good lately. I think we may have a bumper crop this year,” Father says with excitement.

“Thank goodness. We could really use one right about now,” Mother says. She sounds pretty exhausted to me.

The Great Depression is over, but my family has still been struggling to make ends meet. That’s why everyone in my family has to pitch in and help.

After breakfast I put on my sneakers and head outside. Mother doesn’t really approve of my tattered shorts, my plain, old shirt, or my wearing sneakers at all, but I need to be comfortable for my work.

I walk into the barn and grab one of the milk buckets hanging on the hook nearest the door.

“Hello, Milkyway,” I say to one of the cows, as I sit down next to her on a stool. Father doesn’t see any need in naming the cows especially since there are so many of them, but I like to make them feel special. I’ve given them each a name, and I always address them by it.

I usually sing while I milk the cows, because I like to praise God and it puts me in a happy mood. ‘Blessed Assurance’ is one of my favourite hymns.

“This is my story, this is my song

Praising my Saviour all the day long

This is my Story, this is my song

Praising my Saviour all the day long.”

After milking the cows I go do my other chores. By the time I finish everything it’s almost lunchtime. I go back to the house and take a quick shower before lunch. After my shower I put my hair in a part ponytail, and put on a blue, knee length dress with small embroidered flowers on it. It’s one of my favourite dresses. I’m wearing it today because we’re going to to town. We just have one vehicle, and Mother can’t drive anyway, so during the summer we go to town only once a week usually.

The school is not in town, it’s nearer to our house, within walking distance. So my sister and I always walk to school. It’s 1948, but we live in a very undeveloped area. The school Violet and I go to is a two room school house and it’s used for highschool and grade school ages. The way subjects are taught there is much more advanced, but the school building reflects pioneer days.

Unlike in pioneer days our school and church our seperate. The local church we attend is located in town. Every Sunday almost everyone from around the county gathers together for worship. Going to church is one of my favourite parts of the week.

I go down for lunch and everyone is waiting for me.

“You look lovely, Scarlett,” Mother compliments me.

“Yes, very beautiful, honey,” Father adds.

“Thankyou,” I say as I sit down.

“No one ever says I look beautiful,” Violet says in a pouty way.

“You look lovely too, Violet,” Mother and Father assure her. They tell us both that almost everyday. My parents are usually quite encouraging about most things. They’re both very loving as well. I’m very blessed to have such a nice family. On days like this I feel nothing but joy.

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