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By @MCKapo


I used to be a legend.  



Now? I walk this lowly mortal earth, dispelled from the Heavens by the Almighty Himself. A friend, a Father, now he is nothing. I used to be close to Him; a Seraphim, one of the most glorious beings in the universe.  



I can hardly bear to think of what they say of me now. 



Cursed to live on a planet that I had always felt a burning of sorrow for. Eternity. 



A being that even the inhabitants of **** feared.  



My wings were shredded as I fell, the air cutting and slicing like the claws of a Demon. Instead of magnificent and beautiful, they are only a reminder of what I am and a thought of what I used to be. To my brothers and sisters, who only watch with pity in their souls. To the mortals that live on this cursed land, a disgusting creature they fear in the night. To the beings of ****, who jeer and mock my now shameful existance.  



I am ashamed and humiliated. 



And all because of my ‘defiance’. They believe I cast my lot in with my uncle, Lucifer, all because of that simple question. The lilt at the end of my sentence. The innocence in which I asked.  






One must never ask. 



God is a jealous and prideful god indeed. 

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