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By @IsabellaAnn125

The Long Walk Home

Chapter 1

This is a story about a young man. An untold story that happened here on earth. A story about a young man and his star.

It was a day like any other. It was a sunny day with clouds in the sky. A very beautiful day indeed. The city of Aisu was buzzing as usual with lots of people. Miyuki’s Diner was located in a corner. The city of Aisu was a pretty big city, so you can imagine that Miyuki’s Diner, being in the busiest part of town, was always pretty busy. The light blue, royal blue, and white sign that read “Miyuki’s Diner” was on top of the roof. Tables lined the inside and outside of the diner. The air was buzzing with the shatter of the people.

“Hey kid. Can I get some service over here?!” said an angry customer. A young man lifted his head to look in front of him at the customer. He finished putting the plates on the table his was serving and hurried to the upset customer.

“Yes sir. How may I help you.” he said then smile. “About time! Well you can start by taking my order. I’ll have some water with lemon.” He said with an attitude. The young man blushed with embarrassment since the man was talking loud in front of everyone. The young man timidly took out his notepad looking shamefully around him. It made him angry but he held back. “Yes sir. Sorry about that.” He said lowly. He took the man’s order and left when the man shoo him away with a “what are you waiting for?” wave.

He walked into the diner, went around the counter, and into the kitchen. He places the order. After he got the okay from the cook, who gave him a smile, he was about to walk out of the kitchen when someone got in his way.

 “Jas! How could you let someone walk all over you like that? What’s wrong with you?!” It was Amber. ” If was you I would have told him off.” She continued. She was wearing a long white sleeve shirt with black leather jacket and a long dark denim skirt, and boots. In the city of Aisu it was cold so many people covered up.

The young man’s names was Jasiel, Jasiel Van Williamsburg. He was a very tall and skinny young man. He had short jet black hair but long enough to cover his eyes a little. His light brown eyes that seemed to have this beautifull glow to them. He blushed and looked away. “Yeah, well. I just didn’t want to make it worse.” He said.

“Yeah well. You have to stand up for yourself. You know be tough.” She said making a fist. Jasiel smiled and then got a drink to serve the rude man.

The rest of the day continued the same. The morning turned into afternoon. When night time came, it was time to go home. Jasiel breathed a sighed of relief. He was only 16 yrs old but he worked long hours to support his mother, whom he lived alone with. It was not long ago that his father had passed away and it was only him and his mom. It still pained him to think about it. He took off his waiting apron and said goodbye to the rest of the crew.

“Text me when you get home, ok. You live so far that I worried about you. You walk so many miles to get home. Especially I worried when you work on weekdays cause you work at night.” Amber said as he walked away. He stopped.

 “Yeah, I don’t get off till 10 at night. The shop doesn’t even close at 10, its just that the boss knows that I walk many miles to get home and lets me off early cause he doesn’t want me get home late, it being a school night and all. Plus it’s the time I really get to do any homework. I don’t sleep until late at night.” Jasiel replied. 

Amber smile, walked up to him, and zipped his jacket. “Then get going.” She was a little taller then him. Not only that she was older than him, but she was already in college. She cared deeply for Jasiel and thought of him as a little brother. Him walking all those miles, alone in the dark made her a little nervous. She lived in the city since the only college near the town was in the city, so she moved out here since she turned 18.

“Goodbye everybody!” Jasiel said and walked out of the restaurant and began his journey home.

Right now it was dark out but since he was in the city, the city lights lit the streets. That is until he came to the part where there were no more lights. It was a very dangerous road. Not only was it dark but the cars that past by only had their headlights to see. A passerby could easily be killed there. His mother always worried about him but he convinced her that he would be alright.

As Jasiel walked this lonely road all of a sudden a loud noise broke through the silent air. He was startled and looked up at the sky. There was a bright light that suddenly bathed him and the sky with light. He covered his eyes and he saw from his side view that something fell from the sky. ‘A shooting star!’

It landed in the forest next to him. If he got it he could earn some money off of it, maybe, he hoped. He decided to go into the forest and follow it to where it landed.

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