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Faithless and True

By @Joyful17


True became the cement in their lives, grounding them when the high winds of Distrust, Dissatisfaction, and Animosity in Slowing-Down threatened to push them over. He fought back the questions of “Why?” and “When?”. He pulled them from the acidic slog of Complainants. Instead, He picked for them the flowers of Gentleness and Hospitality. He showered with the dew of Gratefulness. Through the fifteen regions of Slowing-Down, He never left. Because of the wisdom they had gained, they strayed less often from the path True piloted them on. They knew that following Him was eternally the right step to take. Yet, the hunger grew exponentially for that distant shore.

When they were almost to Fragile, with its endless regions, Wayward grew distracted. He forgot who Faithless was, the roads they had traveled, and the things they had seen. Except True. He remembered, only remembered, True. True was like a landmark in Wayward’s foggy mind, the only clear and authentic marker. Wayward kept pointing out paths that were not there, until one day, he slowly marched into the trees and disappeared from view.

“True!” called Faithless desperately, “Go get him! He has going astray! If he is lost, how will I ever find him again?”

           “He is not lost. Don’t worry, he has gone where he has always wanted to be.”

Bewildered she stopped walking. Slowly, what True has said dawned on her wrinkled face. She tore back as fast as her tired legs could, back to the trees. She ran at the forest but found an arm holding her back.

“You can’t go. It’s not your time. The Forests of Death are not yet for you. You have a little longer with me.”

Weeping profusely, Faithless tore at True, but True held her fast. Dragging her, they continued to Fragile.

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