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Faithless and True

By @Joyful17


There were 5 countries in the Land of Time. Childhood, Finding-Way, Busy-Busy, Slowing-Down, and Fragile. She was just leaving Finding-way and entering Busy-Busy when she met Wayward. Wayward was much like herself. He was misfit with a goofy grin, easy smile, and kind eyes. She met him when entering a shop called, “Occupation” and soon they were shopping together at the Relationship plaza. Quickly, they had embarked on a side trail. Sometimes it was just the two of them, up in the mountains away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. But more often than not, the three of them were together, growing closer every day. Wayward was tall, but still short compared to True. He had light blue eyes that rang with hope whenever he looked at True, and a smile that burst with fondness whenever Faithless spoke. The attribute that Faithless loved most about him was that he had a dream of home too.

 True was there when he proposed and when he first kissed her. And True was there by her side when they entered “Marriage”. So, the group traveled through all ten regions, of Busy-Busy, from 30-40. They stopped briefly at stores like “Houses”, “Future”, and “Finances”. But there was one store they wanted to enter franticly; that store was “Children” and it barred them from going in. A Trial had stood guard at door, slimy ooze dripping from webbed hands. No matter which way they tried to squeeze around her, Trial stood fast.

“You will never get what you want.” She hissed, goo dripping from her orange eyes. “Scram!”

The walked down the road a bit, till they came to a crossroad. Behind them couples happily entered, pouring into the place. They pleaded with True to make Trial move. He was strong enough; they had seen Him conquer her before when Wayward had fallen for Cynicism and Society. But True refused. He forlornly looked at their uncomprehending expressions, with such empathy that it was enough to drown the world out. Such beautiful eyes filled to the brim with care and commitment. His lips trembled slightly as He spoke,

“It is not part of the plan.”

Bitter, the couple turned away. They talked quietly and speedily. They could choose the left path or the right one. Th one that left their traitorous friend, or the one right in His direction. As they were turning to the left, a perfume wafted through the air. Not again. A violent inward confrontation ensued in both of them: two wills clashing, waring. They tried to move but found that the desire for that Place was more the resentment in their hearts. So soundlessly, they left behind Trial and Busy-Busy. The hectic towns full of meaningless pursuits, growing smaller and smaller in the background. A faint ginger glow highlighted the endless high-rises and illuminated the futility of it all.

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