Extraordinary Things

By @Madison
Extraordinary Things

Two best friends, a Volkswagen van, a depleted college fund, and a cross country road trip to bring the Next Big Thing to their Battle of the Bands competition. How extraordinary can this summer be? Cover by The One and Only

Chapter 1

Extraordinary Things

Extraordinary Things

All rights reserved, Madison L.H.



Chevelle Davis and Miranda Daley planned their post graduation road trip long before they knew about the trials of impending adulthood. Having spent most of her life dreaming up adventures for she and her best friend to embark on during their dream trip, Chevelle knows that the actual event won’t live up to her expectations. With a drained college fund and Miranda’s upcoming move added to the mix, she’s pretty much convinced that the trip is a recipe for disaster. 

Just when they think their plans couldn’t possibly change any more, a chance encounter with up-and-coming garage band Extraordinary Things quite literally turns Chevelle and Miranda’s trip around. Desperate to get his way, the band’s charming guitarist makes Chevelle an offer she can’t refuse — get the band from Myrtle Beach to Vegas in time for the Battle of the Bands that could push them to the top of the charts, and he’ll help her rebuild the fund.

With that, Chevelle, Miranda, and the band set off for what could be the most high stakes road trip of all time. What follows is an adventure filled with love, risks, friendship, and laughter, and all things truly extraordinary.

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  1. MCKapo

    This little hook, description, is lovely! I don’t know what it is about your writing, but it just comes together so effortlessly

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