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Evil Just Like Me

By @MeaningfulMee

Evil Just LIke Me

Sitting in a church pew, remember sitting in that church pew, age eight.

Remember reading Anne Of Green Gables in that church pew,


Scared that one of the boys would notice.

Scared that one of the girls would hate this,


Knowing that every word spoken regardless of its holy meaning by that teacher was just hate, towards me. 

Towards me, for not being yet another clone that she could


Brainwash into sexism, homophobia, hate of my kind.

My kind, eight years old me’s kind, who after sitting in that church pew, know she was 


Different, I was different, I am different from your cliche stereotypical,

good girl. 

A good girl like the good girl who hit me with words but in your eyes was still


Clean unlike the site of an atheist in a church pew,


I was agnostic until the years of hate kicked in and any faith,


Disappeared, like my respect for something that hated me, 

I wonder. 

I wonder, if we had taken those catholic eight-year-olds to an atheist Ireland meeting. What would their parents say,


Their parents would say it was criminal. 

Criminal just like reading Anne Of Green Gables in that church pew. 


Evil, just like me. 

Evil, just like your mother and baby homes. 

Evil, just like your rapist priests.

Evil, just like Sex Ed taught by nuns, professional virgins. 

Evil, just like forcing eight year old me, to read Anne Of Green Gables in a church pew. 

Evil, just like my beliefs.

Evil, just like me. 

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