By @Daiseyfloyd


By @Daiseyfloyd

Everett Smith was the "Bad Boy" of his home town along with his two bestfriends. He left to make something of himself leaving his family and friends behind. He's back now and no longer that delquent boy he use to be he's now back and changed.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

 After leaving my small home town for five years I’m finally back but I’m not sure if I should be happy or worried. I didn’t exactly have the best reputation. I was known for many things. I’m sure there are quite a few people who will be not so happy about me coming back. Hopefully they will realize that I’m no longer the troubled kid I was before I left.

     I looked around my old room seeing the remains of the troubled kid I used to be. My eyes landed on a picture on my old desk. I picked it up wiping off the glass. It was of me and my two former best friends Ty and River. We were great until senior year. I realized I wanted more for myself while they still wanted to **** around. So, I went to college two states away. I got lucky that my grandparent realized that I had changed and helped pay for my tuition. I got an art degree and my business license. My tattoo shop is doing good so one of my regular clients told me I should open up another shop so I figured why not do it in my home town.

   He thinks eventually I could own many shops throughout the U.S. I’m not sure if I want that many I think two shops is enough to handle. My thoughts are interrupted when there’s a small knock on the door frame. I put the picture down and turn around to see my mom standing there with a smile on her lips.

“I couldn’t change anything. I figured if you came back you might want to keep it like this” mom said looking around the room.

” it’s fine momma. How’s everything around here?” I asked following her out of my room and down the hall to the kitchen.

“As good as it ever is son. I’m not sure if you’ve talked to your Dad or Sister but your Dad and I have gotten back together” She said busing herself with fixing us something to drink.

“Are you sure this is what you want momma?” I asked sitting at the table.

“Your dad isn’t the same man he was when you left. He got help he’s the man I fell in love with I finally have the real him back.” she said smiling softly.

“I hope your right momma I don’t want to see you like that again” I said taking a drink of my sweet tea

“I’m a big girl son I can handle myself. But enough about me how are things with your shop. Is it true your opening up a shop here in town?” mom asked

“Yeah, it’s going great I can actually afford to open a second one. So, I figured why not here, and if it works out I might make it my office to” I explained.

“So that means you might actually stick around?” Mom asked

“As long as everything goes right yeah. So, how’s Mandy doing? I didn’t get to see her when I last visited.” I said

“She actually just moved in with her boyfriend. Speaking of he wants to speak to you and your father soon. I think he’s going to propose!” Momma said smiling brightly.

     After an hour or so of catching up with momma I decided to go check out the progress on the shop. It’s still pretty early so town shouldn’t be too busy so hopefully I won’t run into anyone. It’s about a thirty-minute drive from mom’s house to town. I pulled up behind the shop and walked around to the front. The guys are putting up the sign stating the name of the shop. “Everett’s” call me lame all you want but I honestly couldn’t come up with a name, so i named it after myself. After a few minutes they finally had the sign up. The men climes down and took a few steps back to observe their work.

“It looks great guys” I said and walked into the shop.

    The layout was similar to the one in California. The only difference is the wall aren’t covered in tattoos instead there’s a place one each section where you can look through them like there in a book. The shop back in California will probably get remolded to look like this one.

“Everett my man I can’t believe your back. Shop looks though right?” will asked glancing around.

    William Lee More “will” became a good friend of mine after the other decided I was too good for them. He owns his own construction crew. After seeing all the things he’s built I knew he’d be the one I could trust without word getting around that I was coming back. Don’t get me wrong I actually missed this place but my reputation here wasn’t something I’ll ever be proud of. I put my parent through hell especially my dad. I’m not exactly where I should be but I’m far from what I used to be.

“I didn’t think I would either man. How you been?” I asked walking towards the office.

“Great actually Samantha just found out she’s pregnant.” Will said smiling.

“That’s amazing man I’m happy for you. This yawl first?” I asked moving around the office all my files got shipped here two days ago and they seem to be in absolutely no order.

“Yeah we been trying for three years now. You’re actually the first person I’ve told I don’t really want to jinx it ya know” He said smiling sadly.

“I completely understand man. I hope the pregnancy goes well.” I say.

“You should be able to open the shop in another day. I’m calling one more guy to come in and reinspect everything to make sure it was to my company’s standards. ” Will said

“Ight man thanks for real.” I said giving him a hug.

“No problem this actually the first place I’ve done that wasn’t all that bad. I mean your plans were pretty basic nothing too detailed.” Will said before telling me he was heading out to be with the wife.

    It took I know three hours to even remotely get my office in some kind of order. I stepped back and looked it still wasn’t what I wanted but it’d do for now. I shut my office and walked through out the shop and made sure all the lights were turned out before I locked up. I turned around to head to the car before a voice I knew all too well called out.

“Holy ****, Everett Smith what the hell you doing back in this dump?”

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