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Escape part 2

By @ERatchet1234

Chapter 2

“Hey,” I said, approaching Slanky in the middle of the cafeteria. Slanky sat with that brooding look as he picked his fork in the middle of his spaghetti. Twirling it around and around, his hands never seemed to stop spinning the fork inside his hands, almost like the entire experience mesmerized him. People say that men like to brood. People say that so often they tend to be inside their heads a lot, but just seeing Slanky made me feel that nobody ought to feel this way.

           “Hey, I find it interesting that your favorite animal is a giraffe,” I said. Slanky refused to make eye-contact with me, slowly eating the pasta on his plate. I leaned in closer to him; I was tired of being restrained and pulled down by all the people that told me I should stop being in other people’s faces.

           “H-e-e-llo?!” I cried, waving my hand in his face. Slanky shriveled up in his chair. His palm pressed down over his heart like he was having some kind of seizure attack in his chair. “No, no, I’m sorry!” I said quickly.

           Talk about awkward conversations.

           Some of the nurses rushed into the room. Their hands clasped onto Slanky’s shoulders as they led him out of the room. Slowly his breathing calmed down. The distress I had just caused him faded away.

           “It’s ok. It’s ok,” I could barely hear the doctor’s say inside his ears. Remaining behind, I watched as they gave me a dirty look before leading him away. One of the nurses approached me with a deep scowl across my face.

           “Never, ever, do that again!”

           “I’m sorry.”

           “Maybe if you paid more attention to the lessons, you would have been able to interpret his communications,” she said with a scowl before she moved away. The entire cafeteria seemed to be paying attention to me. I shifted from one leg to the next, wondering what had just happened.


           Inside my room, I turned up my headphones to eleven as I tried to listen to Hopeless Wanderer.

           “I’m a Hooooo-pleeeees Wanderer! So hold me fast! Hold me fast!”

           Beside me on my desk were a bunch of tablets. They are meant to help you, I could remember Nurse Shannon say. I opened them and placed a capsule into my mouth before forcing it down my throat using water.

           Maybe if you paid more attention to the lessons, you would know not to do something like that. I lay down on my bed, the music continuing to echo in my ear drum.

           So hold me fast! So hold me fast! ‘Cause I’m a hooooooopleeeeeesss wanderer!


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