End is the new beginning

By @Anannya

End is the new beginning

By @Anannya

Chapter 1

I went to physiologist today. I was too strong but making me talk about things in past he made me cry. I answered all his questions correctly except one. That one which I didn’t wanted to share with anyone. That memory which belongs to us. That feeling which only belongs to me. The pain, the ache, the restlessness, the love which I am feeling every day. My life was stuck between my present and future just because of my past. From past two years I started bunking classes for no reason and sometimes with reason. Today I took the most important decision of my life and that was to drop my last year of high school and join the same class next year in some other school. I am not sure what is right or wrong but this time I feel that I need some time and space of my own where no one else is there. Only Me. Mom disagreed to my decision which made me think again of the whole situation. I belived that ending of this high school will lead to a new beginning which will be beautiful.

  2years back

I am shifting to Kolkata today. I was so excited about it but you never know where your destiny is taking you. I was looking at my house for the last time when my mom called “Akriti we are ready to go.” “Coming mom” I replied back and ran towards my car. After this long journey I finally reached Kolkata. The weather was sunny there with comfort breeze blowing on. 


“New girl?” asked a boy. His eyes were deep brown and the lashes made it much beautiful. Some of his hairs covered his forehead and he got a pale lips. He looked handsome with lightly fair skin tone. “Yes. I am Akriti.” I answered in a friendly way. ” This is my seat so you need to find some other place to sit” he rudely answered me. I got up from there and went to another bench to sit. The lecture started and soon it was over. I went to cafeteria to grab some food.I was relieved when a girl came to me and said “you must be Akriti? I am Rishika your classmate.” I was elated when I found my classmate and a new friend. “Hey! Nice to meet you Rishika.” I greeted her. Radhika introduced me to komal, Sandeep, Reyan and amid. “We are planning for movie tomorrow. Want to join us?” komal asked. “Sure. Now let me grab some food.” I told them and went to order something. “One coffee and peanut sandwich please” I told to the shopkeeper. I grabbed my food and went back to my place. Holy ****. He was too handsome. The same boy who behaved rudely with me. My eyes stuck on him. Our eyes met but I was so mad that I didn’t turn back. Radhika shacked me and then I returned to present. As soon as I realized I was caught staring him I turned my back. “One of the most handsome guy in this school. Girls die for him but for him no one is so perfect to be his girl. He barely talks to anyone and is interested in ‘REVOLUTION’ kind of thing. So don’t try on him.” Radhika explained me. “I was not even planning.” I told her and ate my food in silence. 


I was almost in my dreamland during history lecture when a boy who looked messy came in and held my hands. I was not sure if it was a dream or reality but after two seconds it was clear that he really was holding my hand in front of everyone. “Leave me. Who are you?” I said while struggling to get my hands back. ” He is Neel. Son of principal sir. He rules here” one of the man behind him answered. Neel smiled after listening his answer. He pulled me out of the class to activity hall and i was surprised that nobody helped me. “What you want?” I asked him. ” you. I saw you in cafeteria. You are really pretty.” he said smiling. I was actually impressed by this straight forward behavior. He looked cool in his messy appearance. ” That’s a direct question and I joined this school today.” I answered. ” If you say me yes then you are the head of this school but if you say no then I will make you mine one day and till that day you are not allowed to make boyfriends.” He answered making me feel irritated but i felt like a actress of a movie.


” Sorry for yesterday. Am Apoorv.” the brown eyes i mean Apoorv greeted me finally. ” You shouldn’t have been so rude. Its okay.” i said. Apoorv and I became friends. We went to cafeteria together that day. All eyes were upon me and Apoorv. We shared quite a similar views and slowly we became best friends. We sat in class together, went to cafeteria together, bunked classes and late night calls lasted till mornings. One day me and Apoorv went to school terrace. It was calm and quite. Apoorv was laying down on my lap as i read my book. ” i have to say you something.” he said. I nodded in response. He stood up and took my hands. ” Its been a long time that we are friends. We share so many common interests and Akriti whenever am with you I feel am the happiest person in this world. I wanted to tell you this from a long time and today i want to say you that you are the most beautiful girl i have ever met. Will you be my girlfriend? I really love you.” he proposed.


I was so confused that night. I ignored the texts that was sent by Neel Apoorv and Radhika. I felt so confused at that time. I didn’t wanted to talk to anyone. Next day I and Radhika went to cafeteria together. I wanted to ignore those boys. I was walking towards food stall when Apoorv grabbed my hands and shouted ” Why u didn’t reply my texts or calls. I was worried.” He pulled me towards him and hugged me. “How dare you hold her hands?” Neel shouted. He pulled me behind him. They both started fighting and i tried to stop them but the didn’t. ” Let Akriti decide. ” Radhika shouted. The whole school looked at me. The teachers also watched seriously. I stood there silently. I didn’t know what to do. I ran towards the terrace and sat there at a corner. The two boys came ran after me. ” Akriti say you love me” Apoorv said holding my hand. Neel punched Apoorv and asked him to leave. “let this fight decide who will be the winner.” Neel said. The crowd gathered in terrace corridors and fields. Some shouted Apoorv and some Neel but noone asked what i wanted. Noone bothered to look at me. They both started fighting. They were near the edge and i stood up shouting “Stop!!” Everyone looked at me. ” Neel we never talked properly so how can you expect to be my boyfriend and you Apoorv you will always be my best friend. That’s it.” I shouted. They looked at me. “See…” Apoorv interrupted me by saying” I love you. I really do” and this was his last words and he jumped of the terrace. “Next life you will be mine.” Neel said and jumped off. Everyone shouted except me. I fell down. I felt that I am the reason behind this. It was the last year of school and I was at this situation.


It was a rainy day. Mom took me to a physiologist today. I had two options that day. First was to make it a end and second one make that end to a new beginning.

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