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End of the journey

By @Al1996

The man in the trenchcoat.

Dean drove down the long highway and thought over what he had done to try and bring his brother back. Nothing had worked. The demons were locked away and the angels weren’t answering. He missed Sam and hadn’t really moved on from his death. He had driven for a few hours and then decided to stop at the side of the road when he saw a stranger in a beige trenchcoat. Without a word or much thought he handed the man the keys to the 1967 Chevy impala that had been through a lot and repaired more times than Dean could count or even remember. He smiled as the man got into the car and drove off. He kept his eyes closed until he could hear the rumble of baby. He opened his eyes and looked over at the black Harley Davidson that the man had handed over the keys to. He hopped on and reeves up the engine. He looks up at the sky and says “I don’t need a car if I don’t have a passenger.” He looked forward and a drove off towards who knows where.

The man in the impala smiled as he drove down the long stretch of road “Thank you. Dean” He said in a gruff voice as he listened to AC/DC. He stopped in Lebanon, Kansas near an old bunker. He drove into the garage and then entered the bunker. He walked down the spiral staircase to the map table. He paused and closed his eyes he could remember the smell of burgers and beer. He could hear the laughter that once filled the silence. This was his beginning. He was going to carry on the torch of keeping humanity safe and the monsters and demons dead. His name was.. Well I won’t tell you just yet. I wanna save it for later.

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