By @suturno

Chapter 1


When Elsa woke up, she saw the calendar she realized that it was the day to declare to Marcelo Mala. Elsa said to her mom that she was very nervous. She went to the school beautiful, after she had finished eating. She entered to the classroom with the new seats. Elsa was excited because she had to sit with Marcelo. In the break, she was going to confess to Marcelo what she felt, but before that, a bad girl called Juana appeared and she kissed the boy. 


 At school’s lunchtime, Marcelo Mala was with Juana. Elsa was very sad, she sat with Roberto Pancracio and Esteban Quito, and they ate together. Esteban and Roberto asked to their friend who made her cried. She answered that Juana was responsible, and they were very angry because of that. Her friends said to her that they were going to go to a waterpark.


When Elsa stopped crying, she went to a waterpark with Esteban and Roberto to unwind. Then they climbed some of the waterpark’s slides, after that, she forgot about Marcelo and his girlfriend (Juana). She felt thirsty so, she went to the pub, to drink a smoothie she got on one of the tables, and she saw that Juana was at next table and she ignored her but Juana approached and greeted her, she asked her if they wanted to become friends and have a drink together. Elsa looked at her suspiciously and told her that she was leaving. Juana insisted and tried to convince her to stay a little longer, but Elsa told her that she had to go home.


Later, when everyone left, Esteban left with Juana (while Marcelo thought he had gone to buy a smoothie, they left together) and Elsa asked Roberto to be boyfriends and they left together. Then Marcelo was shocked because when he was going to look for her he saw Juana and Esteban kissing. Then Marcelo felt very sad and angry, so he asked Elsa if she wanted to be her boyfriend but she didn’t know that she had already forgotten him, -I’m with Roberto… she told him, so Marcelo from that moment felt lonely and sad. After that, Marcelo went home in a Uber. While Marcelo was leaving, Elsa went with her boyfriend to the apartment they had rented, Elsa felt aggrieved by Marcelo, but at the same time happy for their relationship. While Roberto cooked for Elsa, he took a bath to relax. After taking a bath, he went to eat and then Roberto and Elsa went to sleep.


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