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Free and Dom know each other, but dont know each other. Each time they get close the odds are stacked against them. Free wants destruction. Dom wants peace. Who will win? A love story like no other. Duos will have you hooked.

Chapter 1

The Story of Earth

Free is shopping one day in one of her favorite department stores. She is picking up her favorite fragrance Vic by Berggie Vic n Tory. When she is done, she makes her way to the doors so she can go back to work. For a brief moment she looks back because an employee is saying hi to her. She says hi and as she goes to turn back around she instantly locks eyes with Dom. Instantly an explosion goes off in the space between them. Not like a bomb. More like an electromagnetic blast. She flew in the air about 15 ft along with everything else and everyone around her. For her everything was going in slow motion. She could see the watches, make up, pieces of the counter, bags, and people all in the air next to her. Then while in the air she locked eyes with Dom again. He was blown just as high as she was. In such a situation she still couldn’t help but feel weak for him. He was beautiful even being blown up.

Then they started falling back to the floor along with everything else. When they hit the floor, the only people able to get up was them. Dom started to get up same time as she did. They both seemed relatively untouched. Dom looked at her with one of the meanest looks he ever gave her. He got up with an attitude in his movements. She couldn’t understand why he was this mad. She had seen him mad but not this mad. He looked around almost in shock that no one was moving. Free also was sad that almost everyone looked as if they were hurt and would need assistance. Dom dusted his jacket off as free reached her hand out to him as if to plead but he gave her a look that she knew meant he wanted nothing to do with her. So she stopped as he ran out the door. Dust still in the air she realized she should be going too. She dusted her clothes off and went the opposite direction of Dom to avoid another explosion. This is one day she didn’t expect to have.

Free and Dom met each other when they were 13. But they don’t really remember that meeting they just know it from the reports. Reports say Hunter School for the Gifted and Talented was shut down due to an explosion on the first day in the school yard that left over 100 students injured. Neither Free nor Dom knew what had happened. All they knew is that they weren’t hurt. Their parents, who were just care takers due to the fact that their real parents weren’t alive, had a very hard time explaining to the two teens that they were different and why. Free took it the best because she thought there were others out there like her. So she just went to school, got great grades, and hung with her friends who didn’t need to know that she was immuno superior. Dom, on the other hand, liked to test his limits. He ran away from his care takers and lived on his own. Living on the move, taking extreme odd jobs, and fighting the biggest of foes to further test how special he was. He would take a job as a welder and wear no shirt on the job, or as a diver and dive with no equipment, or as an Astro Packer which entailed him dragging space ship parts by himself when it normally took over a ten man team. Nothing really stopped him. Until he met Free for the first time they could remember.

When Dom was 19 he had already lived in most of the northern states for that’s where his migration took him from Washington across the top of the country. Now he was making his way down the east coast. He came to Pennsylvania. He was passing Penn state when what was a relatively nice day started to turn cloudy. Winds picked up and the air felt charged. The last time he felt this was…..he doesn’t like thinking about that day. As he got closer to the campus the winds picked up, the sky got darker and little strikes of lightning filled the air, but closer than normal. The winds were fierce yet it seemed like he wasn’t feeling the push. He could see what it was doing to the trees and the cars but he felt almost nothing. And he couldn’t find a wind direction. As if he was generating the wind. Then as he was passing Hilton Hall he started to feel the ground shake. Then instantly the door popped open to the hall and all the students within the building started running out onto the street. Cars were going off, branches detaching, garbage everywhere and people yelling in amazement. Dom, being that he didn’t watch the news, just thought it was a storm. Then as he was about to pass the Hall, he saw her. Running out of the building she turned to look in his direction as if she knew he was there. Then they caught eyes. He never had been in love before so he didn’t really know what this feeling was that he felt but he was instantly drawn to this one brown-haired, beautiful, dark-skinned girl. Apparently she felt the same thing because instead of running for cover like others she paused… and then started slow walking towards him. She felt entranced by this man she had never seen before. Heart beating fast, butterflies in her stomach, fire in her eyes…for him. He was more than surprised at the look she was giving him while all hell was breaking loose, he was scared, but he felt the fire too. It was undeniable that they were connected somehow. She looked at him as if she saw someone she thought she knew but wasn’t sure. As she got closer the winds picked up. A tree uprooted and fell on a car. The ground started to shake more. All car alarms went off. Lightning struck but not from the troposphere. It seemed like it spawned midair in front of them. The lightning made her stop and woke him up. He was staring the whole time. They looked at each other longer admiring each other. He was clean-cut with a beard. Chocolate…Beautiful. Tall with an athletic body. He looked…special. She was average height. Brown skin with nice hair. Brown eyes. Beautiful in a way you can’t explain. He took a step towards her and the winds picked up even more. The ground cracked with his next step, so he stopped. They now looked at each other with a questioning face. Both were calculating what was happening. They had felt this before. Where?? Then almost like they understood at the same time their faces changed from aggravated questioning to a soft understanding. In that moment they both understood this was who helped them to cause the explosion when they were 13. They both did very well at burying that day away from immediate memory. Free was the next to take a step of which cracked the hall’s building wall almost in half and she stopped. Dom looked around as if to signal to free what they were doing. She was about to take another step when he shouted to her “nooooooooooooo.” But she took the step before he could stop her and a car flew from behind her head and past his head nearly hitting them and landed in the dorm window on the second floor. He looked at the damage and then to her as if to plead with her. He could see in her eye that she was determined to take another step. So he stepped back and said “Why are you doing this? You see what it’s doing.” She paused, because what she was about to say made no sense but it was right on her tongue. She slowly and shyly said “because I Love you.” He looked puzzled as he said back “you don’t know me.” She was thinking the same thing. But her heart was telling her different. She then said, “You don’t feel this?” as she pointed to her heart.

He couldn’t deny that. There was this feeling that even though chaos was going on around them, with every step she took, HE felt immense connection. It was calming but the feeling itself was like he needed to be next to her. Something he never had… he had to have. It was weird to him. But he wasn’t going to do that at the expense of the campus. Because to him it seemed like a few more steps and they could flatten the campus. She was so sure about him that the destruction of others wouldn’t stop her. It scared him. He said, “you’re crazy” as she tried to take another step. He took one step back then ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could. Free, being so entranced by what was going and exhausted by fighting the conditions dropped to the floor and cried. In a few minutes the weather was back to normal.

Over time they came in contact a couple of other times to the same result. It never got better. One instance was at a music festival in Miami when they were 22. Dom was enjoying a performance by Pell when he wanted a drink. He started making his way toward the bar when the sky started to change. He looked up while walking to the bar. As fast as he looked down winds picked up, lightning struck, and then an explosion that sent him flying back towards the stage where he could see that everyone even Pell had been injured in the explosion. Then he saw her. His heart felt like it set on fire. She didn’t see him. She was one of the only ones getting up but her back was turned to him. He paused to take in her beauty as she got to her feet. Then in the next moment he took off running in the opposite direction. Just as fast as he left the area is as fast as the weather went back to normal. Free knew Dom had to have been here. She felt sad and decided to leave the festival also. Everyone else needed medical attention.

The next time was when they were 26. Free was on the train coming from New York going to Connecticut. Her then boyfriend had family out there. Coincidentally Dom was on the train coming from Connecticut going to New York. After years of traveling he was on his way back to Washington to have some much-needed rest and reconnection. Somewhere after the Stamford stop for Dom his train was passing Free’s train. Like an EMP bomb between the two trains, an explosion went off and both trains derailed and scattered on the ground next to the track. Free felt what she always felt when Dom was around and this time she wasn’t about to miss at least seeing him. She got up immediately, got out of the train car she was in, crossed the track and started walking next to the train cars that were going towards New York. The winds started picking up, so she knew he was definitely here and in that direction. Even though there was almost a mile of train she knew she was close. She could feel it. Dom was stuck under some passengers but realized what was happening when he saw the sky through the window he was looking up at due to the train car being on its side. He hurried to get out from under the passengers. When he did, he saw that winds had already picked up severely and lightning was forming inside of the train car so she was close. He broke the window above him because there was no time. When he peaked up out the window, he could see her walking towards him a couple of cars away. So he thought that he wouldn’t be able to come out he would see her. So he started to run through the cars in the opposite direction stepping over and around people who were very badly hurt and some unconscious. One car, two cars, but the third car was so severely messed up the door wouldn’t open. He was scared for the people. He did know that he loved free but not like she loved him, not enough to destroy others. He knew that if she got close enough a lot of people would get hurt. Maybe more than he knew. That’s when he felt the car moving. She was getting closer, and it was causing the weather conditions to push the cars farther away from the tracks. So he thought maybe he can just stay in the car. Being that the conditions are pushing the cars away from her she won’t be able to tell which car he is in.

It worked, but not before conditions got worst. 

Like 4 lightning strikes and a sink hole worse. But she finally gave up and left. Over a matter of minutes, the weather got better and help had arrived to clean up this disaster of a scene. Dom just acted hurt and let the ambulance take care of him so he didn’t seem suspicious. A female told the officials that she saw him running through the cars but he denied and told them she must have been seeing things due to the crash.

Their next encounter was in the department store when free was buying her favorite fragrance. They were 30 years old. By then Dom had his own business building cars from scratch and had settled down into a relationship with a beautiful woman that he was going to pick something up for. Free was also dating and had a nice job in Chase bank administration. As free was walking out Dom was walking in and yeah y’all heard the rest of the story. 

After their last encounter it seemed like they got good at avoiding each other. They were always in the back of each other’s minds. Dom thinking what if he just took her up on her offer and explored this connection they felt. He also hated that the love he felt for Free he did not feel for his significant other even though he was sure he loved her. Free tried her best not to think of Dom. But when she did, she got lost in it. She didn’t care what happened to the world as long as she could feel him up close. It would sometimes take a toll on her relationships which is why at 36 she was still only dating, nothing serious.

One day Dom was feeling like he needed some “me time” which was normal for him. So he thought to go down to the neighborhood Starbucks, get a hot chocolate, and read. So he got his book, coat, and wallet and went out the door. He made it to Starbucks, ordered his hot chocolate, and went to go sit down. As he walked to go to the seat, he saw her but not in time. The explosion between them went off almost instantly after he saw her. The blast blew him to the nearest wall and her up against the wall almost directly across from him. Coffee was in the air, mugs on the floor, tables and chairs out the windows which were now all broken, people screaming on the floor, wind whipping through the café. Dom just looked at Free with the annoyed face. She looked at him back with an embarrassed face. He didn’t know that that face would melt his heart. His mind was made up. He couldn’t run anymore. But he wasn’t going to just show that out right. The seconds seemed to go slow. Free tried to reach up but her hand snapped back to the wall. He knew she was trying to get to him. Both of their power were so strong it was repelling them away from each other. He then realized that after the initial explosion more explosions did not occur after. Meaning it was possible get to her. He saw her continue to try to raise her hand. But she could not. Her embarrassment turned into sadness. He realized he couldn’t see her sad ever again. It hurt more than any pain he felt from all the explosions he encountered. In that moment he gathered all of his strength and lifted his hand. Free saw him and looked up at him. He was strong enough to get his arm up but she could tell it was hard because his arm would twitch back n forth. After one hand he raised the other. Then he leaned forward to get off the wall. As he leaned forward lightning struck in front of them and illuminated the magnetic repulsion fields in between them. He could see the barriers between them clearly. There were at least 10 of them. Almost like individual force fields in between them. Picture a force field. Then picture 10 of them around one person. That’s how it looked. At that moment it could have been 20 and it wouldn’t have stopped him. Slowly he broke through the first one. Then the second. Clothes ripping off his body and hers. The weather turned into a category storm outside. Lightning struck inside the café as if they were in the clouds where lightning is like air during a storm. But he kept going. Each field harder than the last. When she realized what he was doing, she started to cry. Cry with joy. She could have felt him coming if she closed her eyes. Field after field things got worse around them. Walls broke and disappeared. Equipment, chairs and tables dismantled and blown out of what was left of the café. And people either were blown out the way or ran out. By the time he got to the 8th field most of the café had blown away except for the beams which Free and Dom luckily were planted up against. If they weren’t, they probably would have blown away too. The last two barriers he ripped down like the hulk until they were face to face.

Outside was dark with water gushing in from flooding and debris from the things breaking in the street. The café was unnoticeable. Everything was gone. Even free and Dom were stripped down to their underclothes which were also struggling to stay on. When face to face Dom could barely talk but mustered up enough energy to say “are you s…”and before he could say “sure”, Free jumped on him and kissed him. For them time could have stopped at that moment. For the world it probably felt like the end of days. Which it was. While kissing, the rest of everything else blew away until they were standing outside, basically, in the spot where the café use to be. The world looked bad. But they didn’t care. They felt alive. Barely feeling the conditions around them. A moment later they went up in flames. But they weren’t burning. It was amazing. They both could see they were engulfed in flames. Yet they were not burning. And just as fast as they went up in flames, it rose to their heads and then went down towards their feet and out towards the world. Everywhere around them instantly went up in flames. Everything. They could feel the rumble of the flames going across cities, countries, continents. The world was ending. But Free and Dom kept on kissing…they even connected in that time. Face to face. Eventually, the earth’s crust started to disintegrate, mantel and then the core exploded. Before they knew it earth was gone. They were in space. Naked. Alone.

But connected and together. 

By: Berggie Vic N Tory

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