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Drops of Jupiter

By @jesterling9


The **** navigational system was broken again. Venturing well outside the perimeter of any other human traveling space, the technology they sent me with was buggy, and it had me stranded, but I didn’t care. The only ones who worry about getting lost are those who eventually wish to return to a familiar place. My home was Earth, but I had stardust in my veins, and as of now, my lungs.

I opened the hatch and leaped out, but clung to the metal bars outside the craft. The thick clouds of Saturn were yellow just as I had remembered. My first visit to Saturn was almost disastrous. I underestimated the wind speeds and was nearly knocked out. . . 

The only reason I’d decided to come back to Saturn was because he had wanted some of the gas. Every since I brought back a canister of red gas from Jupiter’s infamous never ending storm, he wanted me to bring him more. He loved me, and he hated when I left the Earth’s atmosphere, but I loved the universe more. 

Propelling myself forward as fast as I could, I approached the rings. Fifty-two feet thick: the common misconception that Saturn’s rings are thin is a simple trick of the eye. Size is relative to distance, so trust me; up close, it would take at least ten of me toe to head to equal the thickness of the rocky orbitals. 

Trying to grab on to anything in particular was dumb, so I snatched randomly at some floating crumbs and rocketed back to my craft. 

Slamming the door, ripping back my hood, and getting far away from the gravitational pull of Saturn, I relaxed. Platinum blonde strands of hair floated mindlessly about my face in the weightless room. To think I used to be a red head was a memory from long ago. Space storms and harmful winds phased me just about as much as an earthly breeze, but it stripped my hair, skin, and eyes of most color. Although, I was lucky enough to get some of it back from basking so long in the sun. Without an ozone, it doesn’t take long.

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