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Chapter One

Every day, Serenity went out with her friends. Every day, she saw Codee there. They all took turns with what they were gonna do. A lot of the time, Codee chose some kind of sport. He said he didn’t have a favorite, but he obviously did. Most of the time, the group split up into like, four different groups just so they could play by the rule of “five players on each team when playing” rule. And I loved it everytime.

She spent everyday getting to know her new friends. But she especially stayed close to Codee. The only one who seemed to notice was Valerie.

“You like him don’t you Serenity?” Valerie asked one night.

“What do you mean Val?” Serenity responded.

“Well you always stay close to him and your intrest always seems to spike when Codee’s involved” she pointed out.

“Meh. I got to go to bed now Val” Serenity said to avoid admitting it.

“Whatever. Good night!” Valerie said as she left.

Serenity unlocked her apartment door and went in. Inside, she found a note laying on the ground. She carefully unfolded it, hoping it was from Codee.

Dear Serenity,

I’ve noticed that you’ve been sticking close to me. I just wanted you to know that I now have a girlfriend and is now unavailable. Sorry you missed your chance.


Serenity’s heart completely stopped. Tears started to pour down her face. She collapsed on her bed and fell asleep.

She saw herself and Codee sitting in the mall with everyone else. Then he pulled her aside. Then the dream stopped where it was. Serenity didn’t know if it was better to have him tell her in person, or if she wanted him to tell her that he broke up with his girlfriend l, and for it to he the truth. She decided maybe she might feel better if he just told her that he was unavailable….

She woke up sweating. She wasn’t looking forward to today, because now she new exactly what was coming. She got up, and got dressed. Short shorts, crop top, and cute white sandals. Just like in the dream. She got up, fed Luna, took her outside to use the restroom, took luna back in, and then she grabbed something for herself to eat. She decided that they were in a restaurant in the dream anyway, so she didn’t eat. She said good bye to Luna, and left again.

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