Don't Play With Fire

By @conlin_r
Don't Play With Fire

Two opposing people. Two very different lives. Two very different cultures. One thing in common.

Chapter 4


Observance is important. You’ll miss the little things in life. The subtle things that could change a whole life in the blink of an eye. You could miss a baby passing by in a stroller. Think now. If you’d had looked at that baby, you might’ve changed his life simply by a smile. He could’ve grown up to be the future president who reinvents practicality or he could’ve been the future scientist who found a way to cure cancer. You would never know though because you weren’t observant. You missed that chance to look at the baby. You might’ve been the cause for the worst outbreak in history. But you’ll never know. You weren’t vigilant. Be heedful. Be watchful. It’ll make your life ten thousands times better. Ask Daila for instance.

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