Don't Fear the Reaper

By @Emrys1912
Don't Fear the Reaper

On Halloween night, ten years ago, Luke Larking was murdered. Rather than moving on to the Eternal Realm, he was chosen to be a Grim Reaper. A sacred duty passed down from generation to generation. But after ten years his killer becomes active again, and Luke must chose between his duty as a Reaper or justice for his murder.

Chapter 1


A Grim Reaper is a supernatural being whose duty is to capture lost souls. We are pretty much the bounty hunters of the other side. Reapers look like normal humans, but they are very powerful. No mortal weapon can harm them, they are highly trained in combat, they have unique abilities, and they carry scythes. In order to become a Reaper, he or she has to be a lost soul and chosen by a Reaper, but there are three rules that a Reaper must follow.

Rule One: A Reaper cannot reveal their true identity to any human.

Rule Two: A Reaper cannot kill a human.

Rule Three: A Reaper cannot fall in love with a human.

A Reaper must never break any of these rules, if they do, they will receive the ultimate punishment that is so severe that no one dares to talk about it. Very few Reapers break these rules because they’re easy to follow, as long as a Reaper doesn’t interfere with a human’s life, then they will be able to complete their duty and move on peacefully.

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