Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 7

Chapter 6: The Regeneration

2 years ago:

“Each day I write in my diary, each night I’m plagued by that same nightmare. “Exterminate!” PSSTO! Brayden my companion dying, I failed to keep him alive, just like I failed all of my companions. Each time I face a threat where they die somehow I think I might cut tonight.”-The Doctor

Current time:

The Twelfth Doctor and Thirteenth Doctor were pushed forward from behind by their other selves. The door opened Dalek Cin stood by the Ideal. The Fourteenth Doctor was also there. Dalek Cin spoke. “Goodbye Doctors, I have an earth to conquer.” He looked around the room once more then said, “temporal shift.” Teleporting in a huge flash of light, after the light disappeared, Dalek Cin was gone.

The Evil Twelfth Doctor and Evil Thirteenth Doctor stood at the sides of the Ideal, while the Twelfth Doctor and Thirteenth Doctor stood at the sides of the Fourteenth Doctor. The Ideal stared into the Doctor’s eyes, “you, you, are weak. Depressed, I on the other hand I am-“

“You are consumed by rage.” The Fourteenth countered. The Evil Thirteenth Doctor looked right at the 13th Doctor.

“Dalek Cin will win. The universe will be saved.” Evil Thirteenth said. The 13th Doctor replied.

“I don’t like your idea of saving the universe.” The Evil Twelve looked at the Twelfth Doctor, saying how they will win.

“You’re wrong,” the 12th Doctor replied. The Ideal laughed at that last comment. “Why don’t the three join us? We won’t even have to use another continuity bomb. Why fight us? You can’t win. Why fight?” The Fourteenth Doctor was the one to reply for all three of them.

“Why? Well, let’s see because…I do what I do because it’s right! Because it’s decent! And above all, it’s kind! We are what stands against you and Dalek Cin, and trust me we will stop all of you.” After that, the Fourteenth Doctor stepped forward doing a left hook, the Ideal ducked doing an uppercut, the Doctor collapsed. The Twelfth Doctor struggled with the Evil Twelve, Evil Twelve had taken out a pistol both old men struggled to get a better grasp on the gun. The Thirteenth Doctor had gained the advantage against her evil self. Punching the 13th Evil in the face once, twice, then a third time. Crunch noise sounded of the Evil Thirteenth’s nose getting broken.

The Fourteenth Doctor lay on the ground gasping for breath, after having the wind knocked out of her. The Ideal loomed over her, kicking her in the gut. Almost making her vomit. “Weak!” The Ideal shouted, kicking her in the gut again. “Depressed!” Another kick. “Lonely!” Another kick. “Regret!” Another kick. The Fourteenth Doctor then did vomit right then and there, a greenish-yellow liquid. The Fourteenth curled into a ball as best she could her hands going around her stomach to protect herself. “That is what you are, emotions make you weak!” The Ideal scoffed. She then grabbed the 14th Doctor by her hair and lifted her up ruffly. Bringing her to her feet. Then a knife, and a stab. The Ideal pulled the blade out of the Doctor’s side, and spun the 14th Doctor around pushing her forward, the Doctor fell face first on the ground. The Ideal marched over to the Thirteenth Doctor.

Blood, pain, the Fourteenth Doctor was experiencing these things, tears in her eyes she crawled toward the TARDIS in the other room. The Daleks who should have been guarding the TARDIS were gone they must have teleported off with Dalek Cin. Just a few more yards! the Doctor thought. She heard the Thirteenth Doctor scream in pain. Then heard the Ideal’s voice. “Oh, no you don’t!” Footsteps coming toward her! A gunshot went off. A few more feet! The Doctor used all of her energy to stand up. Dizziness and nausea hit the Doctor next. The TARDIS doors opened. She stepped inside stumbling towards the controls. The doors closed on their own. The Doctor pressed buttons and flicked switches on and off, the TARDIS began to materialize. The TARDIS came to a stop she walked over towards the doors, pulling them open, going outside.

The 14th Doctor stumbled out of her TARDIS, dropping down to her knees, sweat trickled down her forehead. The blood seeped from her side, she put her left hand on the wound, applying pressure, her pink-purple hanbok now was bloody. Pain so much pain…but she was going to have a new face…this was her time to say goodbye at least to this body and this face. Her hands started glowing yellow, she stood up hands at her sides she lifted them up little as if toward the Heavens. Yellow energy surrounded the Doctor’s face, and hands, the energy shot out several feet.

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