Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

By @Chesster
Doctor Who: The Time Protocol

Get ready! For not one. Not two. But three Doctors. Something is very wrong with time and Dalek Cin is behind it. Soon the 12th Doctor, 13th Doctor, and the 14th Doctor find out Dalek Cin's plan but the Doctors must first defeat themselves.

Inspired by: Doctor Who

Chapter 5

Chapter 4: The Cult of Six

4 years ago:

“They are the second group of Daleks to have names, they are smart, deadly, cruel, evil, clever, and they are…ghosts.”-Unknown Time Lord

“The Cult of Six is only a rumor that is advertised by the Dalek Empire, they aren’t real.”-Unknown Time Lady

“I’ve met the Cult of Six on the battlefield they’re real.”-The Red

“Lies, the Cult of Six is a rumor nothing more, Red I think you’ve gone too far, the war is making you insane.”-The Dictator

“Then how do you explain, fifty men dead?! How can you just say that I was imagining the whole thing the Cult of Six drove into our camp and slaughtered my men!”-The Red

“You will be transferred to a different part of the war, too a planet known only as the Forgotten World.”-The Dictator

Current time:

Now in the trench, all three Doctors entered a bunker. The Doctors stood around a deactivated round holo-table. The Twelfth Doctor was the first one to speak, “It seems that…the Gallifreyan soldiers have been dead for many years.” The Thirteenth Doctor closed her eye taking a deep breath, the Fourteenth Doctor, shrugged her shoulders, she had seen many things death was one of them. The Twelfth Doctor continued, “to make matters worse we don’t know what killed them.” He paused. “But we do know this, that this area was once a battlefield in the Last Great Time War.”

Both other Doctors nodded in agreement the Thirteenth opened her eyes. “I think we should be cautious.” The Fourteenth Doctor raised her hand for silence, the room fell silent, their eyes looked around them, their hands reached for their sonic screwdrivers, the Twelfth took out his sonic sunglasses. With a hiss a door opened behind them. Both Time Ladies and Time Lord spun around facing six Daleks, in black casing, with red eyes. The Cult of Six drove into the room from the part of the wall that had opened. The leader spoke, Dalek Rook. “You will come with us!”

The Doctors knew they were outmatched they walked into the seemly rectangular shaped excavated part of the wall. All six Daleks followed them in. Dalek Knight turned around putting his plunger arm on a rock which turned out to be a button. The doors closed with a loud shut, darkness enveloped them, only the red glowing eyes of the Dalek eyes made light. “Put your sonic devices away!” Dalek Knight commanded, Dalek Rook was next to speak. “They’re useless due to the S.D.D. (Sonic Distortion Device)!” The Doctors obeyed, the Fourteenth paused for a second before obeying likewise. Soon a humming sound started they were descending.

“Where are you taking us?” The Thirteenth Doctor asked. At first none of the Cult of Six replied. Finally, Dalek Rook did. “You two will be taken to the prison while your current regeneration will be taken to Dalek Cin.”

“Impossible!” The Fourteenth blurted out, “I…I killed that monster!”

“He fell back through time crippled but alive.” Dalek Death countered. The “elevator” came to a stop with a loud thud. The door opened, light from the other room blinded the three Doctors for a few seconds, after they had adjusted standing before them polishing weapons and armor were hundreds of men and women. Time Lords and Time Ladies. They wore familiar looking armor. Caring boxes full of small devices. The Fourteenth Doctor was the first one to realize what was happening. “Continuity bombs! You’ve…changed them all to Dalek Slaves!”

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