Do you believe Me

By @Speedy176

Do you believe Me

By @Speedy176

Jane the main character is faced with getting the death penalty and she trying to prove Nathan "The guy she likes" has actually manipulated her. The readers of the story plays as the jury and audience in the courtroom to see if they believe. She tells her story of how it all started.

Chapter 1

The trial

  The Trial

I could hear the judges’ distinctively heavy feet walking into the courtroom and sit down to read the case. The police officer hands her the file “Hello everyone, this is the case of Waters vs New York police department, please bring in Ms.Waters.” 

   The police brought me in with handcuffs behind my back and feet. I resisted but the police officers just yanked on me tighter to the point I wasn’t even touching the floor. I could hear families in the background sobbing and screaming “Murder” to me when I stepped out. I could see my mom in the front row, she couldn’t even look at me, she was so disappointed and appalled with what I had done. 

   I’ve been in jail for some time now, I’ve seen death and people getting beat up, I’ve seen people get stabbed also. I had a huge black eye on my face in a fight that I got due to some people finding out the type of people that I killed. I sat down and my lawyer muttered “Take the plea deal.” The situation was I could take the plea deal and possibly get a life sentence or plead not guilty and can be trialed as an adult and get the death penalty. I want to take the plea deal so I won’t get the death penalty which means I will do anything and everything to get it. The trial felt like hours of torture with the police talking to witnesses, the judge, and the jury. Finally, it was time for me to take the stand. I got up there and put my right hand on the bible “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” “I do.”                                           

   The judge spoke to me very apprehensively thinking I was the most dangerous serial killer. Was that how everyone thought of me as this horrific villain and serial killer? She asked me if I can tell my side of the story. “Why don’t you ask Nathan” “Hmm… Nathan isn’t on trial, you are” This story is what started it all. Meeting Nathan was the greatest and worst mistake that I have ever made. Before I could tell the story the police stopped me to say their statement. 

   We the police feel as though the defendant is guilty and you shouldn’t listen to what she says. She murdered people she loved and innocent others. She blames Nathan for everything saying he is the manipulator but in reality she is, Nathan is the one who turned her in. She is a liar and a manipulator and wanted others to do her dirty work and should be trialed as an adult and get the death penalty. What you are about to hear is her “side” of the story but we have all the evidence right here so go ahead (whispers) cupcake “winks at her” 

   When he whispered those words to me I thought someone had heard him. No one said a thing. Was it because they didn’t care to insinuate that I was guilty or didn’t they really not hear him. The memories rushed in, felt as though a hurricane was coming. Sweeping me off my feet in which I felt safe within the eye of the storm, everything hit me with his stupid ****** features on it.   

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