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DISCUSSION: Report bugs and give suggestions (CLOSED)

By @cemo

Closed discussion


Underlined now has a discussions topic section in CREATE (you’ve got to scroll down a bit) so you can take your suggestions and bugs there:

I will leave the original post just for old times sake. I’m sure in a few months or years it will be interesting to look back on it.


Underlined has been open for 24 hours and there are obviously a lot of mixed feelings about the website. Personally I think people should wait it out before they call it quits. You have to keep in mind that other writing websites like Figment, Wattpad, Movellas, etc. (have) had years to develop, troubleshoot, and evolve to fit their users’ needs. People are expecting Underlined to be up to the same level after a single day. Obviously I can’t speak for Team Underlined, but I’m assuming that the website will continue to change throughout the coming weeks, months, and years. Please help out our baby writing community and comment suggestions and bugs with the site (and things you like too!). I’ll start:

My suggestions:

  1. An in-site notification center would be great, a lot easier than just using emails for notifications.
  2. A “safe-mode” where you can choose to view censored content or not.
  3. Forums, of course would be awesome
  4. Contests and newsletter open to Canadians and other international users (pretty please)
  5. Being able to view followers instead of just who you’re following.
  6. Being able to change privacy settings for individual stories.
  7. Being able to comment and give reviews for titles (e.g. the traditionally published books Underlined features)


  1. The follow button still doesn’t work
  2. The list of writings only lets you view the first page

Bonus: Things I like

  1. I like the commenting system, how you can like comments and directly reply
  2. I’m actually pretty into the colour scheme (although I agree that the layout doesn’t work very well on laptop)
  3. I like ‘suggested stories’ and ‘suggested titles’ below stories. It’s something that Figment didn’t have and it’s pretty cool.
  4. I actually prefer if you can’t view how many people see the story. It prevents view count from becoming a status thing, and focuses more on getting feedback.
  5. I like how you can’t see how many followers other users have. Again, it prevents it from becoming a status thing.
  6. privacy settings are cool, especially controlling who can read your writing. If this could be expanded upon it could be a way for writers to get feedback without making their work quite so public.

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