By @jayjay_3289

Abbee Jones is your average teenager. She lives with her mom and sister. Her Dad and Mom separated. Her Dad is gay and has a fiance. She also has her group of friends. Like I said Abbee Jones is your average teenager. That was until she found a door leading to a different dimension. Everybody was different in the new world. Everybody showed their true colors. Abbee visited that world and met Nathan. Now they will have to stop an evil from destroying this world and deal with betrayal.

Chapter 2

Dream Door

As I walked through the dark, foggy forest. I could hear the sounds of the wildlife. I could hear the chirp of the crickets, the hoots of the owls, the sounds of nature. It was so peaceful. “Abbee,”a voice whispered. “Hello?” “Abbee,” it whispered again. “Who’s there?” “Abbee.” That was its response to everything. “Abbee.”I stayed put. I didn’t know what or who it was. “Bee.” That sounded like my grandma. How? She died 2 years ago. “Nana?” “Bee.” I followed her voice. I ran through the forest. “Nana!” “Bee.” The further I ran, the louder her voice got. “Nana!” I kept running until I came across a door with a lady standing in front of it. The woman turned around. “Nana!” I ran to her and hugged her. “Hi Bee.” She hugged back. “How are you here?” I asked. “It’s your dream child.” I smiled. “I miss you,” I said. “I miss you too. Now, I don’t have a lot of time.” “What do you mean?” “You can’t sleep forever. Do you see this door behind me?” I looked at the door. It had intricate designs on it. The designs lit up in an array of colors. The door’s main color was the color of the galaxy. It had a shiny silver door knob. “Well do you?” “Yes.” “So you are one.” “One of what? What are you talking about Nana?” “All of that will be revealed in time. Now I need you to go find this door.” “What? How am I supposed to do that?” “Just listen to the whispers.” I nodded my head. I then heard a beeping. It sounded like my alarm clock. “My time is up.” “What? Why?” “You’re waking up.” “You can’t go. I have more questions.” “They’ll be answered when you find the door. I have to go. You got this. Bye Bee.” “Bye Nana.” Her and the forest started to fade away.

I slowly opened my eyes. My vision was blurry, but I could tell it was my room. That dream was crazy. Luckily, it was just a dream. My alarm clock was still beeping. I kept hitting it lazily until it shut off. My vision was a little bit clearer. I looked at the time. It was 6:45 in the morning. I got up and went to the bathroom. I’m always the first one up so I normally get the bathroom to myself. I live with my mom and sister. Our dad moved in with his fiance, Alejandro, after the divorce. Anyway, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and started the shower. I was about to get in the shower when I heard banging on the door. “Bee! Open up! I need to get ready!” That was my sister Layla. She’s 14 and we’re 2 years apart. We go to the same school. She’s a freshman. I’m a junior. I’m 16. “I’m about to get in the shower!” “I don’t care! Emily’s mom is giving me a ride to school and I take forever!” “Fine. Just don’t look.” “Trust me. I won’t.” I opened the door. She walked in and started to do her routine. I got in the shower. “I don’t understand why you don’t take you showers at night like me.” “I like having the shower to myself. I don’t have to rush for anyone.” Even though I couldn’t see her, I felt her roll her eyes. “What time is Emily’s mom getting here?” “In 30 minutes. So you have to check on mom today.” “Ok.” After the divorce, Mom has been more depressed. We check up on her everyday before we leave for school and after. “Do you have anything after school today?” I asked. “Yea. Cheerleading tryouts. You?” “Dance. I’ll ask Mrs. Putinsky to check up on mom later.” “Ok.” I was finally finished. I got out. Layla was straightening her hair. “Why don’t you ever straighten your hair?” Layla asked. “Cause I like my natural curls. Move over. I need to do my hair too.” She moved to the side. I started to put the curling products in my hair. “Hey Bee?” “Wassup Lay.” “I miss Dad. Do you think Mom will let me spend the night this weekend.” “I don’t know. I’ll ask her before I go.” “Ok.” A few minutes later, I was done. My hair is pretty long. It stops at my mid-back. I had it in two braids that went into a ponytail. “You better hurry,” I said. “I only have 2 parts left.” I walked out of the bathroom. I went into my room. I went into my closet, picked out my outfit, and got dressed. It was ripped jeans, with a grey tank-top, and my burgundy flannel long-sleeve shirt. I wore my white Adidas with burgundy colored stripes. I picked out my dance outfit and I packed it and my dance shoes in my dance bag. I then went to my vanity. I sprayed my perfume. I picked up the necklace my Nana gave to me on my 14th birthday. She died a couple months after that. It was a gold chain with a bee charm on it. It’s a bee because my name is spelled A-B-B-E-E. My mom wanted my name to be different. As I put on the necklace, I started to think about my dream. Was it only a dream? Could there actually be a door? It was a stretch. That didn’t matter now. I needed to go make breakfast. I grabbed my bags and went downstairs. I set everything down and started to make breakfast. I just made bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches. I put the orange juice in bottles for me and Layla and in a glass for my Mom. I heard a honk. I looked out the window and saw Emily’s mom. “Layla! Emily’s here!” I heard footsteps. “Here’s your breakfast.” “Thanks.” She grabbed it and her bookbag. “Did you say bye to Mom?” “Oh ****,” she said as she dropped her bookbag and ran up the steps. “Language!” I yelled. While she was up there, I snuck 2 granola bars in her bag. They’re for Emily. For some reason, she never eats in the morning. A couple minutes later, she came down. “Bye Bee. “Bye Lay. See you at school.” She left out. I watched her get into the car and they drove off. I grabbed my mom’s food and went to give it to her. I approached her room and knocked on the door. “Come in.” She seems a bit happier today. I walked in and saw her watching tv. “Hey Mom.” “Hey sweetie.” “I brought you breakfast.” “Thanks. Just put it there.” I put it on her nightstand. I went around to the other side of the bed. I layed down. “Are you watching The Originals?” “Yes. You told me to watch it.” For the next couple of minutes we just watched the show. My phone started ringing. “Who’s that?” Mom asked. “Tamara.” I answered the phone. “Hey T.” “Girl. We are outside.” “Why didn’t you text me?” “We did.” I looked at my phone and saw messages from all my friends. “Sorry. I’m with my mom. I didn’t see them.” “Tell her I said hi.” “Mom, Tamara said hi.” “Hi Tamara.” “She said hi.” “Ok. Now come out.” “Ok.” I hung up. “I gotta go mom.” “Ok. I love you.” “Love you too.” I kissed her cheek. I got up to leave. I was about to walk out when I remembered Layla. “Hey Mom.” “Yes.” “I hate to ask this, but Layla wants to know if she can spend the weekend at Dad’s.” It was silent. I looked at her. She was more pale. Her dark brown, curly hair was a mess. And her eyes didn’t have that sparkle in them anymore. She didn’t look like her normal self. “Are both of you going?” “No. Just Layla.” “Why aren’t you?” “We need to finish the show. We can have a mother-daughter tv marathon.” She smiled. “She can go.” “Thanks Mom. Bye.” “Bye.” I left out. I was walking past the attic door when I heard, “Abbee.” I turned around. No one was there. I must’ve been hearing things. I walked down the stairs, grabbed my stuff, and left out. Tamara was driving today. I got in the back with Eric. Tamara pulled off. Me and Eric were the closest out of the group. I’ve known him since Kindergarten. Then there’s Tamara. We met her in 7th grade. She was new and had just moved here. Lastly, we have Amelia. She moved here in the middle of our freshman year. “Look who finally came,” Eric said. “Shut up. I was hanging with my mom.” “How is my second mom by the way?” Eric asked. “She’s getting better. She smiled today.” “That’s good.” “Ok. So what are everybody’s after school plans?” Amelia asked. “Well me and you have cheerleading,” Tamara said. “Oh. Layla’s trying out today. Can you guys look after her?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” “Eric?” “Yea?” “After school plans?” “I’m going for football.” “Yes! We might finally be able to sit at the popular table,” Tamara said. “Don’t get your hopes up.” Tamara huffed. We laughed. “Abbee?” Amelia asked. “You have to do something. No more being antisocial like last year,” Tamara said. “I’m going out for dance this year.” “Yay!” Amelia yelled. Well if you haven’t noticed, my friend group is weird. Eric is one of the school jocks, even though he doesn’t act like it. Tamara is the socialite of the group. Amelia is the mom of the group. Me, I’m just there. I’m not really known for anything, but people know me. I’m the anti-social/ social one. The rest of the ride we talked about Homecoming. We pulled up and got out. We started to walk inside. “You’re going to Homecoming,” Tamara said. “No I’m not,” I replied. “You have to go. It’s one of the biggest school events.” “So? Plus I don’t have to do anything. Right Eric?” “Sorry Bee, but I agree with the girls. You never go to any school events.” “Because I don’t like them.” “Just come please?” “No.” “Please?” “I’ll go if someone asks me. You can’t pay/bribe them and Eric can’t ask me.” “Fine.” I smiled. They basically agreed for me not to go. We walked inside the school. We attend Washington High. “Bye yall,” Tamara and Amelia said. Our lockers are in different halls. “Bye,” we responded. Me and Eric were walking to our lockers. We walked past the principal’s office. “Abbee.” It was the whisper again. “Did you call me?” I asked Eric. “No.” “Abbee.” There it was again. What was happening? “Bee are you alright?” “Huh. Yea!” “Are you sure?” I nodded my head. We arrived at our lockers. We were transferring our books, when Layla and Emily ran up to us. “Wassup guys,” Eric said. “Hi Eric,” they said all flirty like. I smiled and rolled my eyes. They have the biggest crush on him. “What do yall need?” I asked. “I wanted to know what mom said,” Layla said. “She said you can go.” “Yes. Thanks Bee.” “No problem.” The bell rang. “Cmon Lay. We have to get to class. We can’t be late again,” Emily said. “Let’s go. Bye Bee. Bye Eric.” “Thanks for the granola bars,” Emily said. “No problem.” They ran off. “Let’s go,” Eric said. We started walking to class. “You know they have a massive crush on you right?” “Yea.” We laughed. 

The day went by in a blur. It was the same routine. Me and Eric went to our classes. Everybody met up for lunch. Layla and Emily sat with us. Then we had Homeroom. The only thing is, all day I kept hearing those whispers. Now me and Eric are at Gym class. We’re doing laps. We were talking at the same time. “Abbee.” Again with the whispering. It was just like in my dream. My dream can’t be real. There can’t be a magical glowing door. “Bee. Bee!” “Huh.” “Are you okay?” Eric asked. “Yea.” He looked at me suspiciously. “I promise. I’m fine.” “Ok.” The teacher blew his whistle. We met in the middle. “Ok. We will be doing our fitness test. Everybody grab a partner.” “Partners?” I asked. “Of course.” “Hey Eric.” It was Heather Darling. Like that’s literally her last name. The Darlings are the richest family in our town. Heather is in our grade. Her little brother is in Layla’s grade. They’re surprisingly really close. “Hey Heather.” “So do you want to be partners?” “Sorry. I’m already partnered with Abbee,” Eric said while pointing at me. Heather looked at me. “Oh your Layla’s older sister right?” The way she was talking to me, it sounded like she didn’t like me. Like I was her enemy. I don’t know why. I barely know her. “Yea.” “Nice to meet you. Justin talks about you all the time.” He may have a little crush on me. “Well have fun.” She walked away. “That was awkward,” Eric said. We started to do our fitness test. The rest of the class went by fast. We went into the locker rooms and changed. I finished before the rest of the girls. I walked out and saw Eric waiting for me. “Shouldn’t you be going to football tryouts?” “I’m going to walk you to dance.” “You don’t need to do that.” “But I want to.” “I can’t change your mind can I?” “Nope.” “Fine.” We walked to the dance room. Dance was always a passion of mine. I did it when I was younger. I had to stop since money was hard. From then on I danced in my room and took free private lessons from our dance teacher, Mrs. Joy. She said I should join the school’s dance team. So here I am. We arrived at the dance room. I was nervous. Eric could tell. “You got this. Just go dance your heart out. Now take some deep breaths.” I did. I felt less nervous. “Thanks. Also good luck with football. The Bulldogs are about to have the best wide receiver on their team.” “Thanks. Meet you at the front after school.” “Ok.” He walked away. I walked into the dance room. “Let’s do this.”

I’m changing into my regular clothes. I think my audition went well, but I don’t think I got in. “Ok everyone. I have posted the list outside of the dance room. Remember there were only 6 spots. If you didn’t get in you can try again next year,” Racheal said. Racheal is Heather’s best friend. They’re like me and Eric, inseparable. “Do you think you got in?” A voice asked. It came from beside me. It was a girl. She was pale, but she had rosy cheeks. She had her straight brown hair in a ponytail. Her eyes were green. She was very pretty. “Probably not. I think I did good, but everyone was better than me.” “Girl you were the best by far.” “Thanks.” “Mandy,” she said while sticking out her hand. “Abbee.” We shook hands. “You want to check the list together?” “Sure.” We grabbed our stuff and left the dance room. We saw some people walk away from the list disappointed. Mandy went up to the list. She came back looking sad. “You didn’t make it?” I asked. She started smiling. “Oh. I did, but I’m not the only one.” She smiled even harder. I was confused so I went up to the list. I checked it and saw my name was the first one up there. I got in. “I made it!” Me and Mandy hugged. “Told you you were good.” I’m elated. dance is my life. 

Me and Mandy were walking to the front of the school when we heard arguing. “Dad! It doesn’t matter what you do if mom won’t come home!” It was a boy. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He looked basic. He was also wearing a letterman’s jacket. He was on the phone. “You have to stop sleeping with her. She’s not worth it!” He saw us paying attention to his conversation. He winked and smirked at me and walked away. “Who’s that?” I ask Mandy. “I don’t know. He’s kind of cute though.” I smiled and rolled my eyes. “ Let’s go.” “You have to admit it.” “Nope.” We walked outside. Eric, Tamara, and Amelia were waiting. “Hey guys. This is Mandy. Mandy, this is Eric, Tamara, and Amelia.” “Hi,” Mandy said. “Hi,” they replied. “I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow Abbee,” she said. She walked away. “Your new friend is cute,” Eric said. I punched him on the arm. “Oww.” We walked to Tamara’s car and got in. Tamara pulled off. “How was cheerleading?” Eric asked Tamara and Amelia. “It was good,” Amelia responded. “Layla made the team,” Tamara said. “Oh Lord. Now she won’t stop talking about it when she gets home.” They laughed. “How was football?” I asked Eric. “You are looking at Washington High’s newest wide receiver.” “Congrats.” I gave him a hug. “Yes! Now we can sit at the popular table,” Tamara said. We laughed. “What about dance?” Amelia asked me. “I made the team!” “Congrats! We knew you could do it.” “Thanks.” “What about your friend Mandy?” Eric asked. “Yea she made it. Why do you care? Does someone have a crush?” I teased. He started blushing. “No.” “You’re blushing,” I stated. He started to blush harder. We laughed. Tamara dropped me off first since I was closer to the school. I got out of the car. “Bye y’all. Thanks for the ride T.” “Bye.” “Call me later,” Eric yelled as Tamara pulled off. “I will!” I unlocked the door and walked in the house. “Layla!” I didn’t hear anything. She must’ve been with Emily and Justin. “Mom!” I didn’t hear anything. I got worried. “Mom!” Nothing. I ran upstairs. “Mom!” I ran into her room. I saw her laying down asleep. She was snoring. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I closed the door and walked away. I walked past the attic door. “Abbee,” the voice whispered. Of course it had to come back. And it was coming from the attic. I never went up there. It’s creepy. “Abbee.” There it goes again. Maybe my dream was real. Maybe there is a door. I’ll never know if I don’t try to find it. I opened the door to the attic. I sighed. As I walked up the steps to the attic, the whispering got louder. I finally got into the attic and it stopped. “I’m here. Where’s this magical door?” Nothing happened. “Hellooo?” Still nothing. Maybe I was going crazy. That’s the only logical explanation for what’s happening. I turned around and shook my head. Just as I was about to leave, a box fell. I was scared. No one else is here. I walked over to it. It was a box full of Nana’s things. I was about to put the box back, when I saw a hole in the wall. It was glowing the same color as the designs on the door. I started to move everything. Sure enough, there was the door from my dream. “It’s real.”

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