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Die Standing

By @MeaningfulMee

Die Standing

Die Standing 

A body does not define you.

A body can not determine the gender of the mind.

I know not everyone agrees.

Particular around these parts.

Living in a backwards part of a backwards place.

It isn’t great.

Everything is just a phase.

“Take ‘em to church. Make ‘em change”

That’s god’s plan.

But let’s not forget, 

The god they look up to is a cis white man.

Likes start a revolution.

Make our own plans.

I’m sick of listening to the statistics.

I am sick to the core of the stories I am hearing.

I am sick that we have rapists running countries,

While we making trans people’s minds prisons. 

A person’s gender is not a sin.

Don’t forget,

“Love die neighbour”

I refuse to let a book take another life.

No book is worth a life. 

There are alarms going for years,

And still, 

mothers are losing sons cos they couldn’t stop,

Calling them daughters.

Last wishes set alight by fathers,

Who would let their daughters die,

Before they’d use a name not so dead.

Gravestone’s craved with names deader than,

The bodies under them.

I go to bed and wake up heavy.

Hoping that my mates don’t fall through the creaks.

That they don’t become stas and figures on a page.

I fill with rage at the thought.

And I will take those words to a stage.

I will make a happy ending for those,

Whos bodies defy their soul.

I will fight until the laws stand for all.

I will create a world of quality.

 Or I will die, 

Standing for trans equality.


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