Diary Of Me

By @AbiCate
Diary Of Me

Abi Cate was born on June 23, 2006, in Cape Town South Africa. She is in 8th grade and goes to Silver Summit Academy. She has a crush who she turned down the year before which she regrets very much.

Chapter 1


Mom pulled the car to a stop outside of Silver Summit Academy my school since 6th grade. I hopped out with my pineapple backpack shining in the sun which sat in the sky taunting us with the promise of warmth, yet all we felt was cold. 

“Bye!” I started towards the door, holding the door for Anna, and Zoe. When inside I signed in and headed into the makerspace to ask Ada which class we have first. When she sees me her eyes light up,

“Abi! Finally, someone is here. Come upstairs.” I hurry to keep up with her long strides. When we reach the stairs and she takes them two at a time. Upstairs is where all the middle school boys meet before class starts. I immediately spot Nils his white-blonde hair sticking out like sun with a bunch of moons. We turn away from them heading left towards the art room where Ada stops to talk to her sister. I hear them chattering as I look at the disorganized pattern of the chairs in annoyance.

“Do you agree Abi?” I jerk back to the conversation. Lulu looks at me and laughs.

“I don’t think she was listening.” Ada frowns at me and grabs my arm. 

“Do you agree that the new kid is super weird?” she looks at me expecting an answer but I just shrug and wander off towards the stairs to go back downstairs. As I go down I pass Hayden. There is some history there but as my mom says, ‘if you have a boyfriend in 8th grade its not real.’ I shrug it off just before I feel someone bang into me from behind I look up in surprise. Its just Ada. 

“Ariah’s here!” her excitement is contagious. I grin and we link our arms skipping towards the door. As soon as Ariah enters we attack. 

“Guys! Guys!” she wrenches away. I raise my eyebrows at her,

“You took forever.” She rolls her eyes but Ada backs me up.

“Forever.” she agrees. We head the Makerspace together and claim a table.

So, this is just a diary about a normal teenagers life. Nothing dramatic. There might be some drama but it will all be real life drama. Like for instance, Abi’s Mom has Multiple Myeloma, and she was born in South Africa.

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