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Diary of a Watermelon

By @Janet

Chapter 1


Beginning of another year. I will turn 17 this year. Quite old. But mom treats me like a baby who cries for milk. Yeah!! It’s true sometimes she lets me do things my own, I always ruin those chances, and no wonder of getting treated like a baby. Actually, teenagers are some kind of people who expect to get treated like adults, while involving themselves in childish things. Am I correct?. No, I don’t want to be an adult. I only want to prove mom that I can look after myself. But in some horrible ways, she is right about me. She is always right. I am going to start another year. I want everyone around me to be happy, that’s my new year’s wish. 


Loku(Nickname of my elder sister) got selected to University for a **** IT degree which is really good in the country. Sort of like earning bucks after graduation job. Anyway, she is the smartest one in the family. Well deserved!!!. So, she is leaving home tomorrow. Cons of living in a small town: When you are growing up, you are eventually leaving it. Her university is 243Km away from our little hometown. She is definitely gonna stay in a boarding house. She is packing. I will miss her a lot.

I find it a comfort to writing you. I feel one day, if I become a criminal or a murderer, they can find my guiltiness or truthfulness just peeking at you. I pull out every stupid thing in my heart and fill it with you.


Mal(My brother who is 6 years younger than me), and I also went to drop Loku at her University with our parents, while Podee(Nickname for my other sister who is 2 years elder than me) stayed at Grandma’s place saying she has a class she couldn’t miss even a second.

It was nearly 9.00 am when we reached there. It was like a sad film. We are actually really upset to drop her there. Imagine she is eating all those junk foods from local stores when we are eating delicious homemade lunch. Yeah! As Sri Lankans, that”s what we always look into when we are away from home. The food!!!

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