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Diary of a Goddess ~ Aphrodite

By @TurtleGirl10

Jan. 1 ~ Friday


The school bell yells to mark the end of the school day. I am so glad school is over for the week! I breath a happy sigh of relief and rush out the door to meet my friends. Along the way, I come across some couples I ship.




And then I see him. Eros! He’s the god of love and he’s super cute. Like me, he has never been wrong about a ship. The two people always come together in the end. Such as Zeus and Hera. The principal of Athens Immortal Academy, Zeus is a big guy. He’s 6′ 11″ with huge feet. He shakes the ground when he walks. His loud, booming voice can be quite intimidating. We’re all kind of afraid of him, although Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunt, and her brother Apollo, god of truth and prophecy, try not to show it.

As Eros walks past, I notice how handsome he looks with his quiver of heart-tipped arrows slung over his back. I sigh adoringly. Eros notices and looks at me intriguingly. I clam up and zoom over to the picnic tables in the olive garden. How could I have acted so immature? Sure, many girls have crushes on Eros, but I’m sure he assumes I don’t. I’m said to be one of the most chic, mature, and sophisticated goddesses at school! If I got caught making goo-goo eyes at some guy without talking to him, that would be the end of my reputation! I’m supposed to know everything about love, but I’m too scared to even talk to a guy I like besides from afar! I am a complete and total mess as I try to waltz over to the picnic tables like nothing’s wrong. I have no idea what I’m doing.

“What’s up, Aphrodite?” Artemis calls to me as soon as I appear in view. I shake off what just happened with Eros and send her a bright smile.

“Not much.” I call back, but not in such a loud manner that would make me seem like an idiot. As I seat at the table with Artemis and Athena, Athena makes a point. “I had to run to escape from Ares’s clutches today. He needed help with his homework.” I smile slightly and look at the table. I knew the real reason Ares always wants to hang out with Athena. Sure, Ares could act like a 5th grader in a sophomore class at times, but I think it’s pretty obvious that he has a crush on her. Artemis notices my smile and asks what’s funny. Artemis knows nothing about crushes. “I thought it was obvious!” I tell them both, smiling bigger, “Ares has a total crush on you, Athena!”

“What? No!” Athena exclaims, standing up. “Not that dimwit!” Artemis takes her side.

“Yeah, He just needs help with his homework!”

“How could you guys be so oblivious?!?” I tease. “The tiger lily flowers at your door on Monday: Ares’s favorite flower. The card in your locker on Tuesday: Ares’s handwriting. The chocolate passed to you on Wednesday was just emanating from his side of the room! He’s asked you to help him with homework since yesterday. Athena, open your eyes!”

“It’s getting late.” Artemis remarks, presumably to rid our table of the topic. “We should get going.”

“Suit yourself, but I am going to do some late night studying so I will be in the library.” Athena informs us. Artemis and I walk over to the dorm rooms and go down the hall to the room we share. I lay my head down on my heart shaped pillow and slowly drift off to sleep.

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