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Diary of a Girl like no Other

By @Softball_Life


Before I was here, my life was okay. Sure, there were fights and boy problems and sports and, well, life, but it was okay. So. It’s cool. Don’t feel bad for me. There’s nothing to feel bad for, really; I’m kind of a hollow shell. It’s all well and good being a hollow shell as long as you fill up your brain until distraction seems as if it almost substitutes something… well, real.


So. I was just playing hide and seek.

It’s funny, really; all I ever did was seek for something more, and yet I was never really sure how to find it. Never willing to go the whole mile, I suppose.


Before I died, I was going to find.

Here, you’ll also see how I was found.

And I didn’t even have to seek.

That’s just life, I guess.

And God.

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