Denial - a Christmas story

By @Caitlin_Robinson17
Denial - a Christmas story

Adam Pearson was a practical man. Not many things excited him. Not many things interested him. And he greatly disliked Christmas. But one Christmas Eve night, he finally learns what the holiday is truly about and why it is essential.

Chapter 2

Excitement and Interest

Adam Pearson was a practical man. Not many things excited him. Not many things interested him. He tried to be excited in interested in essential things, like work and finances, but obviously, those things interested no one. And as much as he hated to say it, even his 7-year-old daughter, Abigail, couldn’t interest him or excite him about things. There just wasn’t really anything that he appreciated. Except for an open promotion at his work – a promotion that he’d been waiting on for forever. It was time that it was his.

Since receiving a promotion wasn’t exactly work, he would go to the work building on Christmas Eve. He would receive the promotion, go to the after-party, and then have Christmas Eve dinner with his family. However, anyone would know that events such as this in life do not play out that simply.

But anyway, he woke up that morning, put on a tuxedo since he thought he should wear a nicer outfit to receive the promotion, and went to the kitchen to find his wife making breakfast for Abigail, their daughter. He kissed Abigail on top of her head, kissed his wife, Kaylen, on the cheek. Told them ‘Good morning’.

“You’re quite dressed up, Adam,” Kaylen said.

“It’s promotion day,” he stifled a smile.

“I hope you get that promotion you’ve been wanting,” she responded, then muttered, “it’s all you’ve been talking about…”

Abigail sprung up from the table, her bright red ponytail bouncing. “I’m going to the gingerbread house decorating contest at church!!” she exclaimed excitedly. Adam tried to listen to her, but the promotion was the only thing he could think about. “Mine’s going to be the best.” Abigail stated.

“I’m sure it will be,” Kaylen responded, “now, go put your coat on.” While Abigail ran off to put on her coat, Kaylen stirred some scrambled eggs around in a pan and scooped them onto a plate for Adam. He plopped down into a chair and began to eat.

“Mummy, I’m ready!” Abigail called Kaylen over. Their conversation was subtle to Adam, but finally, Kaylen told him, “We’ll be back in a minute, I’m dropping Abigail off, and then I’m going to run to the grocery store.” Adam’s thoughts clouded his hearing, but he responded, “Okay,”

On their way out, Abigail asked, “Can we get a Christmas tree, daddy?”

Adam laughed and lied the lie that he’d been telling his daughter for years; “Daddy’s allergic to Christmas trees, Abi,” Kaylen frowned at him, and Abigail said, “But all the other kids have one!” But thankfully, Kaylen interrupted the conversation and said, “we’ve really got to go, Abi, come on,” and they went out the garage door, Kaylen giving Adam a disappointed glance.

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